Does Cameron Diaz have a Twin?

Cameron Diaz is a very popular star with many fans. She has two children with husband Leonardo DiCaprio, and these two stars have been inseparable from the beginning. Their son, Venado was almost taken away from his birth parents when he was born, but his father saw what a good job Cameron did raise their son, and so he ensured that the family were together until his birth. So does Cameron Diaz have a twin?

Cameron Michelle Diaz

August 30, 1972 (age 48)

Occupation Actress, author, producer, model
Years active 1990–2016
Height 5 ft 8 12 in (174 cm)[1]
Benji Madden

(m. 2015)

Children 01

First, the movies. Cameron Diaz has appeared in some great movies, including the overwrought romantic “The Bodyguard”, and the less-than-great “TV Guide” commercial for which she was nominated for an Oscar. She has also appeared in less-serious films, including the gritty “Million Dollar Baby” and the forgettable “Get Shorty”. However, it would be unfair to say that all of her work is bad… in fact, she has done quite well in some less-thought-about films. She has definitely shown an ability to do more than one type of film, and has managed to keep consistent features in all of her movies (though she has also appeared in some less-creditable movies).

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The “The Bodyguard” is the most well-known movie in which Cameron Diaz has appeared. This is largely due to the movie’s title, which obviously takes its source from Diaz’s own family name. The movie follows an agency agent named Jordan Burroughs, whose wife, Lynn (Adria Clefs), had an affair with a Russian mob boss. Cameron Diaz plays the wife, who tries to cover up her own infidelity, while her hubby tries to deal with his own feelings for the mob boss (Tom Hanks). 

However, this twin theory is far from the only theory out there. There is another movie in which Cameron Diaz plays two different characters – an identical twin, and a different twin. In this case, the character Cameron is Cameron, while her younger sister is Jessica. In the movie, Jessica is dating a rich man, but Cameron has been told that she should stay away from him because she has to worry about her twin’s welfare.

Can this movie be true? Well, it’s possible…if it’s true. There are a few clues in the movie that strongly suggest that a twin is present. First, Cameron and Jessica’s mother share the same brown eyes (almost identical) and the same hair colour. In addition, the man that Jessica is seeing has the same tattoos on his chest as well.

Theories abound, but are they true? One thing is for sure…Cameron Diaz has appeared in at least three movies (and possibly more) that feature twins, so it seems like the odds are pretty stacked in her favour that she could be playing twins! Or, it could be her co-workers in Men in Black. Who knows?

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