How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Router and Protect Your Home?

Your wi-fi router is an integral part of your home, and needs to be protected accordingly. Apart from connecting all your devices to the internet, it also keeps your online information safe. However, if you don’t pay attention to the settings, your information and connectivity may be at risk. You might have noticed your internet slowing down for no apparent reason. This could be attributed to unauthorized usage or frequency disruptions. You need to prevent these issues so that you get the best out of your connection.

Furthermore, if you don’t protect your wi-fi router, your data may even be at risk. Even if you find the best connection by looking up Spectrum internet, you still need to take security measures. This will prevent your internet speed from slowing down. In addition, it will also prevent others from leeching off your wi-fi connection. There are a few essential ways to protect your wi-fi router, and some of them are as follows.

Set Up Strong Passwords

This cannot be emphasised enough. A strong password goes a long way towards protecting your wi-fi router. Make sure your password contains a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters. Also make sure you change it regularly, so that people or bots can’t guess it that easily.

In addition, do not share your password with everyone. This especially holds true for people who live within signal range. If they do have a genuine emergency, you can let them use it for a while, but then change the password once they’re done.

Enable Network Encryption

Most wi-fi routers now come enabled with WPA2 encryption. This is automatically done with most internet connections, but if you’re getting your own router, you should ensure you enable its encryption. Your router will probably have two options for this purpose, WPA and WPA2. WPA2 is the newer and safer option, so you should go for that one.

What this will do is scramble the information which goes across your network so that data leaks and hacks do not occur easily. Only other people with authorised decryption technology will be able to access that data. This is one of the essential protection gateways against hacking, so you must make sure you enable it on your router.

Switch It Off When Not In Use

There are often times when no one is home and the wi-fi router is just switched on for no reason. This leaves it vulnerable to hacking and misuse, so you must take security measures. The easiest way to protect your router when it’s lying dormant is to switch it off. After all, when most of you are at work or school all day, there’s no need to keep it on 24 hours.

You should also switch it off if you’re going on vacation, so that you save data and prevent your wi-fi from being misused.

Update The Firmware

If you’ve had your wi-fi router for a number of years now, your router could probably use some updating. Most updates contain stronger security measures, so you should be regular with them. The user portal of your wi-fi router will often have updates lined up, and you must enable them. These firmware upgrades will help protect your information much more effectively and prevent others from leeching on your wi-fi.

Furthermore, if your router is really old, you should also consider getting a new one. Either have your provider send over the latest one or buy a router which suits you. However, you must make sure your connection supports the router you choose. This will also significantly boost your internet speed.

Use An Alternative Frequency

Most devices and wi-fi connections use the more common 2.4GHz frequency. However, if you look at the back of your router, you’ll see that it also has a button for the 5GHz frequency. If you switch over to this less common setting, your wi-fi will be more secure. In addition, there will be less interference from your appliances and other devices as well.

Furthermore, as most of your neighbors will be using the 2.4GHz frequency, you can use the alternative with little traffic, making your internet speed much faster.

In conclusion, securing your wi-fi router is necessary for your home’s protection. It will keep your information safe, will speed up your internet, and will make life easier for you.

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