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Andrew Frankel’s “The Devil’s Advocate” is the nineteenth of his sixteen books of the series featuring his alter ego, attorney Ben Corbin. It takes place in nineteenth century Ireland, during the period between the rule of Queen Victoria and the outbreak of the Irish Republic. There’s more to the character of the lawyer than meets the eye. His life is a mystery even to himself, the real him living abroad in the west and working with a secret network of IRA agents to help win the war for Irish freedom. His colleagues regard him as a brilliant one because he often argued their cases in court, but he secretly cherished the thoughts that he and his fellow comrades were achieving something great.

The book spans the years from the Boer War until the Easter Rising. It vividly demonstrates the tension and anxiety that pervade everyday life in Ireland in those crucial years leading up to Easter. Frankel depicts the changing emotions that resulted from the conflict as well as the breakdown of communal ties and the rise of loyalist and Confederate guerilla groups. He examines how the effects of war and peace alike had a devastating effect on the country’s culture.

Frankel is a masterful storyteller and his grasp of the language is impressive. Each character is vividly drawn and the reader is swept along by his witty banter and keen observations. The novel leaves the reader craving more of the same from the remainder of “The Devil’s Advocate’ series and it remains one of the best Irish novels ever written. Recommended!

Andrew Frankel Family

Multi-talented entertainment magnate Andrew Frankel is best known to television viewers as the co-host of the popular family game show Family Feud, as well as the president of the family-run Stuart Frankel & Co, which is the producer of the hit reality game show Big Brother. But Frankel is much more than a mere game show host or TV personality. As the president of a family-owned company that produces high-end designer and functional goods, Frankel is equally adept at being a motivational leader and leading executive. He has also served as an advisor to several other well-known entrepreneurs. He is an active senior citizen who serves as a New York City Police Department deputy commissioner.

Andrew Frankel Net Worth

Andre Frankel, a businessman and son of Greek immigrants, has come to be one of the most influential Americans of our times. His net worth is estimated at somewhere between six and eight million dollars. With his real estate holdings and the many shares of his companies, he has been able to accumulate a sizable amount of wealth. Most of his real estate investments are in New York, California, and Texas. According to biographer Nickolls, when he was alive, Frankel was particularly interested in purchasing commercial properties in the United States and was particularly enthused by the idea of owning a shopping center in Philadelphia. The center, he eventually built, the Wilshire Plaza, remains one of the finest malls in the country.

And now, in what is considered somewhat of a surprise move, the younger Mr. Frankel has decided that he would like to try to buy a share of Sky Network, the most popular satellite television company in the world. He has not disclosed the amount of money that he wants to ask for, but it has been said that the amount is around 70 million. If this is true, it will make him the third richest man in all of the United States, behind only Microsoft founder Bill Gates and financier Warren Buffet. Mr. Frankel is expecting to take a leading role in negotiations with Sky and other satellite television companies. As part of the deal, Microsoft will be putting up some of its research and development facilities in the United States.

It is not clear how far the younger Mr. Frankel will get when it comes to trying to buy a stake in Sky. If previous dealings with Microsoft and its affiliates are any indication, however, there is a good chance that his net worth will increase by quite a bit. In fact, the younger Mr. Frankel is one of the few businessmen in the world who is truly self-confident about his own net worth, and probably that lack of confidence has something to do with his being among the youngest people on the planet.

Andrew Frankel MD

When it comes to heart problems, many people will readily name Dr. Andrew Frankel MD as the physician who most likely saved their lives. Through his involvement with cardiac rehabilitation and the development of the Cardio Liposuction procedure, Dr. Frankel has made an enormous impact on the field of cardiologists. It was during a search for a new heart care specialist that he was diagnosed with emphysema, a very dangerous and chronic condition of the lung that is often fatal if not treated properly. Through his extensive training in both endocrinology and pulmonary physiology, Dr. Frankel was able to successfully treat this condition and turn it from a life-threatening medical problem to one that was easily treatable through simple, invasive, and minimally invasive techniques.

As a result of his years of experience in cardiac rehabilitation, Dr. Frankel knows how risky being a heart surgeon can be, especially when it comes to treating patients with cardiovascular problems. Cardiac rehabilitation plays a very important role in helping these patients to heal both physically and emotionally after a heart attack or heart disease has been suffered. However, many doctors neglect this aspect of cardiac rehabilitation and see it merely as a time consuming, unpleasant task. As a result, some patients may even die due to lack of proper cardiac care.

For these reasons, Dr. Frankel’s techniques as a cardiac rehabilitation specialist have been implemented around the world and have given countless patients the second chance they deserve. His dedication and passion for his patients have always been apparent, and is what has brought him so much success in his career. In fact, in his position as President of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), he was actually asked to resign after one controversial case where a patient refused to undergo cardiac rehabilitation. However, he was able to do whatever it took to ensure that all patients would receive high quality care and remain alive and well.

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