Why KEO Cleats Are Better Than Regular Nike Air Force Cleats

You might want to consider looking at some of the new Nike KEO cleats for basketball players of all levels. While they may look rather basic, with a black rubber outer coating and dark color accents on the tongue, they offer some great benefits. They offer great traction, great resistance to wear and tear, and a comfortable fit. Here is what you can expect from these Nike basketball shoes.

While the basic black and white colors are classic and can be used for both pick up and drop off games, the new KEO cleats feature the unique Vibram rubber compound. This has been a long time favorite of professional basketball players because it increases traction on the basketball court. The increased friction helps to eliminate unwelcome slipping. When in play, the special Vibram toe bumper then grips the bottom of the shoes to provide a solid grip. The KEO cleats also feature the improved rubber sole that was introduced with the original Nike Air series. This has the ability to be scuff resistant as well as stick to surfaces with ease.

There are two main types of Nike KEO cleats. The first group are called the classic non-grip cleats. These are similar to the original Nike Air cleats but feature the Vibram rubber compound and are sold in a single color. They feature the traditional large letter style with small toe box to help prevent slipping. They also have the small studs but unlike the normal studs, this does not add to the weight of the shoe or increase instability.

The other type of cleats are known as the grip cleats. This is the exact opposite of the non-grip cleats in many ways. These are designed to grip the surface but do not have the Vibram material around the toe for extra grip. Instead, the studs are used for stability rather than traction. This allows for great maneuverability on icy terrain as well as allowing the player to have a bit more flexibility.

While there are several different versions of the Nike Air Force Cleats, they all basically work in the same way. The main difference between the various versions of these cleats is the shape of the foot. Each pair uses a different shape of the foot for different pronation needs, but all work with the basic idea of providing a good grip on the pedal and float very well. This is why they are the preferred option among soccer, baseball, volleyball, and track players. However, each specific version may have its own set of benefits and drawbacks that should be considered.

Most standard Nike Air Force cleats use a double needle construction that allows for easy cleaning. However, a single needle construction will work just as well. The one big difference is the stiffer sole on a double needle, which will provide a stiffer fit on the pedal. This means that for faster moves, especially when you are going up an incline, you’ll want to go with the stronger grip cleats. The softer sole will allow you to maintain your stability and control when you are playing on level ground.

Another advantage to the non grip Nike Air Force cleats is that they don’t offer as much to give. This means you won’t be able to use them on flat ground, but if you need more grip you can probably use the stronger grip Nike Air Force cleats that are built with a double needle construction. They will feel stiffer at first but should easily adapt to being used on level surfaces. In general, you can tell the difference between the two through the feel of the footwear.

When looking for a new pair of cleats, it is important to consider the type of playing you will be doing so that you make the right choice. KEO cleats provide an improved grip, while still maintaining good stability. If you are simply going to be playing at a higher level than your regular version, then the look KEO cleats type is probably the best choice. If you are planning on seriously playing at a low level, however, it might be worth spending extra money on a pair of regular Nike Air Force pedals because you’ll get a similar feel for your investment.

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