Frizzlife: A Review of Fruity Greens Counter Top Water Filter

FrizzLife products have long been recognized as the leading brands for combating frizz and controlling hair loss. The brand has recently expanded into the realm of electronic shampoos. FrizzLife’s latest product is the FrizzLife MK99 under sink liquid shampoos. With all-natural ingredients, the FrizzLife MK99 shampoos have proven to be extremely effective in eliminating frizz and controlling hair loss. To learn more about the exciting new liquid shampoo, keep reading to discover the top 10 benefits of the FrizzLife Liquid Shampoo.

Frizzlife MK99

Like its predecessors, the frizzlife mk99 filter system is designed to work with an internal faucet filter. The revolutionary new filtering system utilizes a two stage process to ensure superior cleansing. It utilizes a dual action Shampoo & Water Filter to ensure the perfect flow rate and clean hair. With the dual action, the frizzlife filter system is capable of cleansing deeply to prevent frizz and providing body and luster along with a strong protection from dirt and debris.

Flow Control System

Another exceptional feature of the frizzlife brand is the patented Flow Control System. The Flow Control System is comprised of two separate chambers: a prefilter chamber and a postfilter chamber. The prefilter holds the actual filtration elements for the hair while the postfilter keeps the final chamber clean.

In addition to offering super effective cleansing, the frizzlife system offers users extra options. For example, the brand offers an ion exchange process that allows for the removal of lead and copper. They also offer a foot swivel to help distribute the water flow throughout the entire system. Some of their other helpful features include: multi-stage filtration, air cut nozzle, double gold outer seal, and low static control. These and many more are listed on their website. So, check current price online today at their website.

Frizzlife H20 Filter System

The FrizzLife H20 filter system is designed to offer users pure, healthy water. It works great in any environment since it utilizes a carbon block water filter. This filter media offers superior performance and is highly effective in eliminating all contaminants from the tap water. This includes but is not limited to: Giardia, Cryptosporidium, lead, VOCs, MTBE, TCE and Asbestos. They also offer a line of replacement filters for those who want to change their existing filter.

When using the FrizzLife Smart Filter, you will need to change the filter cartridges every three months. Replacement cartridges for the smart filter are available at any major hardware store. You can even purchase them online. For those who prefer to replace the entire system, they can easily do that as well. Replacement filter cartridges are available for the entire house and for some models.

Sub-Micron Filtration

This company offers counter filters, sub-micron filtration, and gravity-fed filters. They also manufacture other types of filtration such as water pitchers and tablets. Their gravity-fed filtration process cleans up to 40 gallons of water at one time. In addition, they provide customers with the ability to install point-of-use purifiers. Some of their other helpful features are: counter filters, sub-micron filtration, and the Fruits & veggies Kit.

All of the products produced by FrizzLife are produced in an FDA approved facility. The manufacturing plant uses strict guidelines to maintain quality standards. They also conduct routine maintenance and upgrades to maintain product quality. Overall, this company’s filtration ability is very good. They have several options to meet the needs of homeowners.

Sub-Micron filtration is one of the many frizzlife products designed to remove contaminants from household tap water. The process is very simple. The tiny pores on the surface of these contaminants are larger than water particles themselves. The flow of the water molecules through these pores does not allow the contaminants to pass through. In addition, because the pores are small, you get more of the substance eliminating the contaminants than you would with a larger system.

Fruity Greens Counter Top Water Filter

When installing the Fruity Greens counter top water filter, you will be provided a five,000 gallon replacement. Most of these filters come with one year of replacement warranty. This warranty covers replacement of the filter, replacement of the o-ring, and the stainless steel mesh filter. You may also get a one year guarantee on the replacement filter.

The gravity-fed filter is another great feature of Frizzlife filtration. Because gravity passes over the particles in the water before they are filtered, contaminants are being eliminated much faster than they would be with traditional mechanical filtering methods. This allows you to enjoy filtered water in a matter of minutes instead of hours. This is a very important quality that you want to look for in your next water filtering system.

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