6 Effective Tips to Quit Smoking Now

Smoking kills.. We often hear about this and deep down understand how it can damage our overall health. Smoking has its impacts on our overall health including our lungs and other body organs.

The truth is that none of our organs remains free from the side effects of smoking. This is one thing that can deteriorate our health in many ways. You do not intoxicate yourself and pollute the environmental air but also affect other aspects of your health as well. Even smoking can negatively impact your dental health as well.

I remember visiting a periodontist in Lahore for my dental implants and the doctor used to tell me that smoking is the cause of gum disease. It not only deprives your gums of essential nutrients but affects their blood supply thus affecting the health of your gums negatively. This and many other health impacts of smoking gives you enough reasons to get rid of this bad habit.

Tips to Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker and looking for ways that can help you to quit smoking, then this article might be the perfect read for you. Here are some of the effective tips that can help you.

1- Find your reason to quit

Yes, you heard me right because it can be really difficult to quit smoking without finding a proper reason. Motivate yourself enough and no matter how big or small it is, come up with a cause that can lead your way. Be it a step towards better health, a part of your new year resolution or whatnot, come up with a cause and stick to it.

2- Be ready for a roller coaster ride

It’s never easy to get your hands down smoking and you find an urge to go off track over and over again. This is never easy and every day you just feel like having one that then goes far beyond just one and makes you unable to break this cycle. You will experience mood swings, will be irritated for no reason and get headaches. So, make sure you prepare yourself in advance for all of these and then start doing things.

3- Get nicotine replacement therapy

Nicotine is the culprit behind your addiction to smoking and whenever you stop intaking it you are more likely to see the side effects. Be mindful that you can’t leave it all of a sudden and look for alternative options such as nicotine chewing gums, lozenges etc. to at least keep you on track and help you achieve the best results. You can consult your physician if you want to go for nicotine replacement options and choose one with the physician’s recommendation.

4- Find support

Support from your loved ones can play a huge role in helping you to quit smoking. The people around you can help you keep going and achieve your goals. Getting support from the people around can make things less challenging for you and help you to get rid of this toxic habit.

5- Make wise food choices

The kind of food you consume can play a significant role in quitting smoking. Certain foods can make your cigarettes taste even better. In contrast, other foods can make your cigarettes taste worse. This everyday observation can help you to quit smoking. In the first few days, make sure to include these foods in your diet that make you throw your cigarette away. This will ultimately help you suppress after-meal cigarette cravings.

6- Identify your craving triggers

Just like sweets, people crave cigarettes and these cravings can stop you from quitting smoking. Keep an eye on your craving triggers and avoid those situations or activities that induce your cigarette cravings.

Bottom Line!

Smoking is a habit that can make your everyday life miserable. From impacting your organ health to increasing your risk of suffering from mouth or lung cancer, smoking can impact your overall health. You can start today and make an informed decision regarding quitting smoking. You can try all these tips alongside consulting a professional. You can find it difficult in the beginning but your body adapts itself gradually. Always remember that you are own help first and you need to fight this battle on your own.


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