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How to Choose Your Gaming PC Components? If you are still having issues between laptops and desktops, PC will guide you about Gaming Laptops and Gaming Desktops click before proceeding. Here we have some essential components for configuration of gaming PC:


Of the budget stones there are: AMD Ryzen 2600 \ AMD Ryzen 1600AF – both of these processors are now the most relevant from the bottom of the market, taking something cheaper and easier means assembling an office, far from the most productive PC.

In the event that the following AMD allergy is present, we recommend a processor from an Intel competitor:

Intel Core i5 9400F – has 6 cores on board, each core has 1 thread. Coffee Lake architecture will cost you more, both the processor itself and the motherboard. In addition to the three aforementioned instances, I would like to shed some light on a processor like the AMD Ryzen 3100. The processor has 4 cores and 8 threads.

It costs not much less than the presented stones from AMD. The competition is driven by new processor architecture, namely “Zen2”. This architecture gives the user access to high-performance cores. These kernels are of interest primarily to those who collect PCs for games.

Multi-core processors are required primarily when working in a professional area, for example, in the field of streaming or any other area in which you will see “Million” of open programs.

Video Card:-

Next, pay attention to the architecture and the presence of any technologies, for example, in Nvidia’s assemblies more expensive than average, it is worth considering video cards with “RTX” technology – this technology allows the user to look at the gaming space from a more interesting side, since the graphics begin to look much more attractive and interesting.

Having dealt with the selection characteristics, let’s smoothly move on to the market:

From cheap, but still relevant, we recommend looking for models such as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 gigabytes of video memory. From the competitor, there is a very worthy video card AMD Radeon RX 580 with 8 gigabytes of video memory. In comparison, the aforementioned cards will go mostly equal, somewhere Nvidia will show itself better, AMD somewhere – it will depend on the optimization for a specific manufacturer. Further, the niche of video cards is confidently held by a video card from Nvidia.

GeForce GTX 1070Ti – This video card is an order of magnitude more expensive than the above, while the performance will be 20-25 percent higher.


We draw attention to the presence of radiators on the dies, in some cases there is an interesting liquid cooling system on the dies, accompanied by such a RGB backlighting system. In addition, RGB backlighting can be found on RAM without complex cooling systems.

Next, pay attention to the memory frequency. Here, in the principle: More is better!

We would like to highlight the following manufacturers:

  • Kingston
  • Crucial
  • XPG
  • Corsair
  • Skill
  • HyperX


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