Signing Up For AA Meetings in California Can Be Your Ticket to Complete Recovery

For those of you who wish to get sober and kick-off alcohol addiction, AA meetings can be a godsend. To know where you can find meetings near you, it is advisable to search for a credible AA meeting directory. This will give you a list of all meeting venues in your vicinity, no matter which state you belong to.

So, if you are in the state of California and looking for an “AA meeting near me” online, you would get locations right away. The AA is essentially a network of people who take the pledge to abstain from alcohol abuse and help others battling the same problem. They seek to reach out to one another in this journey to achieve sobriety through AA meetings in California.

AA meetings can be of different types; some are open where you are free to walk in with a friend or spouse. Some may be closed in nature and reserved exclusively for AA members. You can try attending a few of these types and see which works for you.

Why an AA meeting in California may be just what you need:

Attending an AA meeting is the first step towards achieving complete sobriety. You do not have to actively participate in the meeting or strike up friendships with people right away. You can simply attend a meeting and decide to listen to others sharing their personal stories of hardship and victories. When you feel secure and comfortable enough to talk about yourself, you can raise your hand to speak up. There is no compulsion to open up in a room full of strangers. But being present for these meetings can help you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

AA encourages its members to follow a Sobriety Calculator that will track the number of days and months they have stayed away from drinking. The idea is to incentivize members to maintain their commitment to sobriety. When you complete specific milestones on this journey, the organization rewards you for your achievement. You will be provided with chips and tokens for your days of sobriety. This is a rather unique and effective way to get people to stick to their commitment.

The best part about AA meetings is that anyone can join them. This is why most rehab programs and alcohol treatment facilities recommend attending local AA meetings. For individuals, following the 12 steps of AA can help them stay on track. When you attend a meeting for the first time, it is natural to feel apprehensive and scared. But, as you keep attending these meetings, you soon become more familiar with the proceedings. You develop a sense of camaraderie with co-members and find it easier to talk about your struggles.

For more information on where to find an AA meeting near you, check out It provides you with an exhaustive list of AA meetings in every state, and you can search by typing in your zip code. Only those whose family members have struggled with alcohol addiction know the challenges, pains, and mental anguish which come with this condition. Recovery from alcohol addiction is a long-drawn process and AA meetings can play a big role in it.


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