Forex Fury Review (Is this a SCAM?)

Are you interested in using Forex Fury? Then, it is recommended to gather information about it to know if it really matches your trading needs.

Forex Fury claims to deliver a 93 percent winning rate for traders of all skill levels. This forex expert advisor (EA) promises to provide lucrative trading opportunities that are safe and aggressive.

The Forex Fury team is composed of experienced and skillful analysts, developers, and support staff, headed by Patrick Ryan. He is famous for his reliable trading robot and service reviews. Other team members include Hossein N and Joe Damien, who are the developer and the head analyst, respectively.

According to the developer team, Forex Fury features money management, ECN support, SET files, compatibility with MT4 and MT5 platforms, and the capability of trading any indices, cryptocurrency, and currency pair. Multiple filters are included to avoid the impact of unfavorable market conditions.

The system utilizes low, medium, and high-risk strategies. The installation process is straightforward, with an easy-to-follow instruction manual and videos. This forex EA is also NFA and FIFO compliant.

Is Forex Fury a scam? The answer is obvious – NO. Keep reading and discover why this forex EA ( is the best-automated solution for your trading needs.

Forex Fury Quick Overview 

Forex Fury is a trusted expert advisor with the necessary power to handle online forex trading. This feature-rich trading robot secures profitable trading without exerting too much time, money, and effort.

With Forex Fury, traders can trade multiple pairs with ease. The advanced algorithms it uses allow traders to see a 360-degree view of the trading situations while reducing the investment risks. It also prevents the hassles of finding profitable trades.

How Does Forex Fury Work?

I find Forex Fury a fascinating AI-powered robot that helps simplify forex trading. In this section, I will explain how this trading robot works.

Forex Fury does not work with similar settings for all trading types. Instead, this forex EA has multiple settings for traders with different skill levels. After installing the software in a trading account, it starts monitoring the trading markets.

This trading robot will place trades automatically once they are available. Then, it closes those trades based on the settings. Traders can manually intervene. However, since the robot is entirely automated, it is unnecessary to intervene. This trading bot may rely on market conditions and how many trading accounts traders are running, but it can enter a trade as quickly as possible.

Traders can also expect Forex Fury to pick around 0 to 7 trades a day. Plus, trading myfxbook accounts display relevant metrics regarding the trades being taken.

Is Forex Fury Reliable?

Forex Fury is considered one of the best trading robots in the past ten years. Anyone can check out the backtesting to prove the valuation in real trading accounts. I saw gain percentages on myfxbook accounts in the automatic mode, up to 85.22 percent.

Meanwhile, the maximum valuation reached about 73.7 percent in the demo account. Many traders are likely to adjust Forex Fury on the demo accounts to ensure it becomes more aggressive, resulting in a significant difference between the values. I did not observe any negative performance; all demo and live accounts have been appreciated.

How to Use Forex Fury 

Testing multiple pairs help ensure that Forex Fury provides traders with powerful performances. However, I still recommend applying one pair at a time because this trading robot operates with multiple functions on a single pair. That way, the use of its resources is ensured.

For traders who want a safe suggestion for choosing a pair, I recommend installing the MT4 broker and setting up several demo accounts. These free demo accounts come with unlimited testing. This impressive functionality is not available to other EA providers on the market.

One of the most critical things for EA forex trading is the testing time. Traders must be extra careful when setting time because a single decision significantly affects the Forex Fury’s potentials for making the best of favorite market time.

4 to 5 EST (9 to 10 PM GMT) is a recommended time for a trade. I also recommend trading for an hour since that timeframe is enough to achieve risk-free trading and effective performance. I heard that other traders had experienced immense success in the Asian timeframe. Traders can also try timings between 8 to 11 PM (2 PM to 4 AM GMT).

Forex Fury Download 

Interested traders can download Forex Fury on its official website. It is best to take advantage of the trial version before buying a specific package. By doing so, they can test the software’s performance on demo and live accounts.

Ensure to download Forex Fury from trusted and reliable sites. That way, traders’ accounts, financial and personal information are protected. Plus, it also prevents the computers used for trading from harm. After downloading the trading robot, traders have to install it on their desired platform and test its performance in the market.

My Forex Fury Trading Results 

With Forex Fury, I do not need to multi-task. All I need to do is monitor and review the growth trends occasionally. I do not even need to monitor all the indicators before making a firm decision on a trade. I noticed that trading pairs became a lot easier for me.

Forex Fury is the only trading bot that made me experience safer and risk-free trading. It also guarantees small, sustainable profits combined with long-term growth. My trading result with this EA has been incredible, as I have three live accounts running through it. I have also made good profits as a forex trader in the last three years.

Final Thoughts 

Finding the most suitable trading robot for your trading needs can be challenging. However, everything will be on the right track once you find the right one. After discovering Forex Fury, I feel more confident and comfortable when trading. All the features and functionalities it provides incredibly match my unique trading preference. This EA is suitable for beginners and experienced traders, and it helps improve trading performance in no time. Plus, it is easy to set up and use.


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