Protect your dining table with these aesthetically pleasing table cloths

Protect your dining table with these aesthetically pleasing table cloths

Here you will find a large variety of table cloths that are specifically designed to fit the shape and size of your table as well as their specific purpose.

  • Table covering is one of those functional things we don’t think about until we have a host of people coming over for dinner or perhaps a night out at an expensive restaurant with carpets so plush you want to remove your shoes for fear of leaving dirt on them from the street below, whatever the reason table covering is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants it all – form and function, money-saving convenience and beautiful design! All this without taking away from the appearance of our homes or making our dining tables look cluttered with stains or extra tableware, table decor, table lamps, and table runners.
  • The table cloths offered by here are not only stylish but also meet the needs of being functional, specifically designed to provide a barrier between your table surface and things that might damage it such as hot plates, glassware, condensation from cold drinks, etc. They also come in a variety of styles and sizes including round tablecloths for a tablet holder (like the one pictured above), oblong tablecloths (above) long tablecloths (not pictured here) which can be used to hold all tables or banquet halls with multiple legs in the center; they also come in many colors so you can choose what best suits your décor theme or perhaps to simply coordinate with your existing table decor or table lamps and table runners.
  • Table cloths can be made of any material. Tablecloths that are cotton and spandex, flannel tablecloths, etc. The cotton tablecloth fabrics offered by Here come in many colors along with the lace tablecloths. Which also offer a nice aesthetic touch for your dining table. You can even choose to further accentuate your table decor by choosing the tablecloths. That best match your own individual styles such as florals, plaid prints, polka dots, stripes, and many more; we even have classy sequined tablecloths (see image above). Should you require something different that will make it stand out from all other tables. If you like something a little less flashy then tablecloths in plain colors. Such as tablecloth fabric in silver, white or beige would be a better choice.
  • You can choose from table cloths that would fit any table from round tablecloths to tablecloths for octagon tables and even tablecloths for your coffee table. In addition, you can find our table covers come in a variety of sizes – 28 inches by 52 inches up to 108 inches by 170 inches so whether you have an extra-large dining table with 8 chairs on each side or just one small corner table that only has 2 chairs the perfect size tablecloth is waiting for you at Here!
  • We also offer polyester Table Toppers which are non-slip table adhesives (see image above) that easily adhere table coverings to a table or tabletop without the use of tape or staples that can damage surfaces, table cloths, and table runners, all table adhesives are removable and reusable.


How do I select a tablecloth that is the right size?

When choosing tablecloths for your table or tables it is important to measure the table’s surface. From tabletop to tabletop, tablecloth width and length will vary depending on the dining table size. If you are not sure how much space is require consider buying a tablecloth. That is slightly larger in both dimensions so it can be cut down if need be. This is why tablecloths are sold in various sizes for different table types i.e. round tablecloths, octagon table cloths, rectangle tablecloths, etc.

What material should I choose? What type of care does this require?

Table cloths can be from any number of fabrics including cotton, polyester, satin, flannel, etc. Cotton table covers may require ironing to get rid of wrinkles. But other than this they do not require any special attention or care.

What tablecloths or table covers are best for my table?

Tablecloth fabric can be choose according to your table decor, color scheme, and table size. Tablecloths which have a dark background will be more noticeable on a brightly decorate table. So if you want it to blend in go for a white table cloth instead. Also, remember that the table cover should never be bigger than the table. As this would look cluttered and messy especially when it comes to round tables with overhanging table cloths.


Tablecloths are an excellent way to express your own individual style. And table covers can come in many different styles fabric types and colors. This can also be order per table is usually the most cost-effective choice. When it comes to buying table cloths, table runners, or tablecloths per table is great for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, etc.

We even offer wholesale tablecloth prices so if you are getting married soon or planning a wedding checks out Here! For your entire dining table coverings needs. We offer affordable wholesale tablecloths on our website that will surely suit every budget. Whether you want round tablecloths oval-shaped, rectangle, octagonal or coffee tables we have something for everyone!

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