6 tricks on how to reach your nonprofit goals online

Usually, end users see each website as an integral thing without paying big attention to its elements and what it really consists of; while developers and web agencies know what a huge work and long process are there behind and how many things should be analyzed, processed, created, and put together in order to create this image of a fixed integral thing. 

Website creation for social organizations, for example, by a non-profit branding agency, is even more difficult as it is often limited by a tight budget and the necessity to really help this organization reach its goals and complete its mission. This mission has not a business but a social value! 

In order to create a really outstanding website that will help your non-profit organization reach each valuable goal and objective, you will need to keep in mind some tricks – 6 important factors that will turn your whole approach (you do have a strategy, don’t you?) into a practical guide on completing your organization’s mission. Here we go! 

Research is a must-have step

Even if you think that your idea is well shaped and ready to be implemented as it is because you have certain offline experience or because the demand for your help and ideas is really high then it is very important to understand that research is still a must-do step. Business ventures understand it but many socially oriented companies do not. This is why when planning your activities and promotion of your NGO. A good non-branding agency, for example, will take care of this step and will take it really seriously. They will investigate your audience, your niche, and the specifics of all your activities and then integrate the result of this research into each further step for your promotion. 

User experience is not only for business

Analytics is an extremely important step in running any activity, be it a business-oriented one or a social venture. Why is it so? Because it is always about the audience! You should analyze the way visitors of your website behave and constantly work on the improvement of their experience. Use analytics by Google to see the way people use your web platform. Consider trying and using also other tools that will help you get user behavior maps in very detail, record user sessions, organize and constantly optimize A/B testing, and much more. 

Optimization should be followed with more optimization 

The thing about research, analytics, and user behavior data is not just about the figures. It is all about the knowledge you get and how you implement it in your further activities. Optimization is a non-stop activity that you must conduct when working on the development and promotion of your organization. Each non-profit branding agency will tell you the same if they are of course experts in the promotion. 

Relationships matter

The main relationship your nonprofit should really consider when talking about the website is the relationship with its visitors. You should not only work on the quality people perceive your website but also create, test, and implement activities to raise the level of their awareness, active and regular engagement, and of course, trust. A nonprofit organization can still use the best marketing tools and techniques, such as sales funnels, for example, to inspire people to take action, help them move the right way towards an organization and its activities, let people trust them, and so on. 

Strategy is above all

There is no good advice for those who do not want to create a strategy for promotion except for one only – create a strategy for the promotion of your nonprofit organization. If you trust a non-profit branding agency to take care of the branding of your nonprofit then you should only choose the one that will start by creating, discussing, and approving a real strategy with you. Otherwise, all the actions do not make much sense as they rather stay chaotic movements instead of tactic steps towards your goal. 

Base your website on the user flow

There will be nothing to analyze, optimize and track if there are no users on your website. This is why before designing the website itself you should first design the user flow. Only then you will understand what features, options, and visual elements it has to contain, how to create, publish and use content, what marketing tools are available and how they should be used. User flow is what is used as a base for User Maps – User Journeys.

Use those important tricks and you will understand that they were worth it when your website shows you all the magnificent results and help you in the promotion and development of your nonprofit organization. 


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