How to category of my site is probably the most asked question by any webmaster? It is the very core of any good website, because it can determine how much traffic you get on your site. You should always try to build your site around a certain topic, and then work around that topic in different ways in other parts of your site. That is called “categorizing”. You can use subcategories, which is more common these days, or you can also have your whole site categorized under the heading of a particular topic. But how do you learn how to categories of my site?

It really all comes down to having the proper knowledge about what categories your site should be categorized under. If you don’t know what the best categories are, you should ask the help of someone with more knowledge to find them for you. You should ask them what kind of categories are the most popular, because the more popular the categories that your site ends up in, the more traffic you will get there.

The best way to learn how to category of my site is by actually making a site around a theme you already know about. You can take any one niche market and break it down into as many niches as you like. Then, you can find out what those niches are called, and you can categorize your site accordingly. It might take some time, but eventually you’ll end up with your favorite categories. You’ll be glad you made the effort.

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