The News category of a Web page displays the most recent information for a given topic. A news category is usually found at the top of a page. It usually displays several headlines as well as short blurbs about the subject matter. Some sites use “read more” icons at the top or bottom of the news category to encourage users to read the article. Others use short textual blurbs for the headlines, which give the full title and summary. News categories may also display popular topical items such as environmental concerns or political issues.

In addition to the news category, some sites use tags to categorize content. These tags are usually used to organize news feeds into more concise topics. For example, you might find a food news category on a health or beauty site, or a technology news category on a gaming site. The tags are very easy to find using any of the search engines, and often come with the article or hyperlink, so it’s easy to sort through the news.

Some people use news feeds as a way to categorize their own personal information. Many people create web logs, which can then be submitted to news directories for the public to see. These logs contain important information about a person, such as their birthday or where they live. By putting a “news” category on your personal news log, you can let other people know what you are up to. You can also categorize your website by categories, making it easier to find the information you need.

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