Mastering Small Tasks with Ready-Mix Concrete

The desire to improve your home extends beyond the walls. Maybe you dream of a sturdy new walkway, a fire pit gathering spot, or functional garden edging. While large-scale concrete projects might seem daunting, there’s a treasure trove of smaller tasks achievable for the weekend warrior with the right know-how. This guide empowers you to tackle these projects with confidence, using the time-saving convenience of redi-mix concrete.

1. Planning Your Concrete Weekend Project:

Before diving in, dedicate some time to planning your concrete project:

  • Choosing the Right Project: Start by identifying a manageable concrete project that aligns with your DIY skill level and desired outcome. Consider options like walkways, fire pit surrounds, small patios, or garden edging.
  • Sizing Up the Task: Measure the area for your project to determine the amount of redi-mix concrete you’ll need. Online concrete calculators and consulting with a redi-mix concrete supplier can help you with this step.
  • Gathering Your Supplies: In addition to the concrete, you’ll need essential tools like shovels, wheelbarrows, a level, edging tools (if applicable), and safety gear like gloves and eye protection.

2. Understanding the Benefits of Redi-Mix Concrete:

  • Convenience and Time-Saving: Redi-mix concrete eliminates the need for on-site mixing. This pre-mixed concrete is delivered directly to your project site, saving you time, effort, and ensuring consistent quality throughout your project.
  • Variety of Mixes: Redi-mix concrete suppliers offer various concrete mixes designed for specific purposes. For your small project, you’ll likely need a mix with a balance of strength, workability, and setting time. Consulting with the supplier ensures you select the optimal mix for your project’s needs.

3. Preparing the Groundwork:

  • Excavation and Base Creation: Depending on your project, you might need to excavate a shallow trench or area for the concrete. Create a stable base using crushed gravel or compacted soil, ensuring proper drainage by sloping the base slightly away from your house or other structures.
  • Building the Forms (Optional): For projects like walkways or edging, you’ll need to construct wooden forms to define the shape and contain the poured concrete. Ensure the forms are level and secure to prevent bulging when the concrete is poured.

4. The Power of Redi-Mix Concrete Delivery:

  • Scheduling Your Delivery: Once your project prep is complete, schedule your redi-mix concrete delivery. Plan to have enough people available to help with the pouring process, as concrete begins to set relatively quickly.
  • The Art of Pouring: Carefully pour the concrete within the forms or designated area. Use a shovel or rake to distribute the concrete evenly and eliminate air pockets. Work efficiently as the concrete sets.
  • Smoothing and Finishing Touches: Once the concrete has begun to set slightly, use a screed to achieve a smooth and even surface. Depending on your desired finish, you can trowel the concrete for a polished look or add a border with edging tools.

By following these steps and leveraging the convenience of redi-mix concrete, you can conquer small concrete projects and add value to your home, one weekend at a time.

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