Kenya – Small Business Ideas

The coastal city of Kenya is a great place to look for easy small business ideas in Kenya. The coastal city of Kenya is located in the Indian Ocean about 200 kilometers from the capital city Nairobi. There are many coastal towns and cities around the Indian Ocean coast like Mombasa, Kilifi, Bloemfontein, Ugalla etc. All these places have small businesses to open in Kenya. Lets find out some simple ideas to open small businesses in Kenya.

Kenya has many natural parks like Lake Nakuru, Turkana National Park and more. You can open small businesses in Kenya by becoming a park ranger. The pay is good and you get all the benefits such as medical care, vehicles etc. The government of Kenya gives permits to many local people who want to work as rangers for various national parks.

Many small business ideas in Kenya are based on fishing. If you live near a river then fishing can be a very good business. You can also set up your own fishing businesses in Kenya. You can build boats from locally available materials and sell them to nearby Kenyans or to any other country.

If you are passionate about anything wood then you can build small log cabins to sell to tourists. You can build this cabin anywhere on the log land you have. You can charge tourists a minimum of $20 for a space. It can run this business at night too. You can even arrange for tours to tourist destinations around your residential area.

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You can get into small retail businesses such as clothes stores, fruit bars, grocery stores, gift shops etc. If you are good at selling and know how to bargain then you can sell these businesses. You should keep a regular customer base. You can use your Internet to advertise your retail businesses.

If you are good at writing you can write articles for websites or magazines. There are many small business ideas in Kenya where you can start writing articles for Internet websites. You can sell these articles once you have written them to earn money.

If you are into retail then you can sell small items at local markets. You can also offer to help small businesses get started. You can take small business ideas in Kenya and help small businesses set up their stalls at local markets. This will make you popular with the locals.

You can also set up a small business ideas in Kenya through the help of friends and relatives who have already established successful businesses. You can share the experience that you have gained from their ventures so that you can have a great success story of your own. There are many small business ideas in Kenya that you can learn from the examples of other successful business people. Your mentor can also provide you with contacts and advice on how to start your business.

There are many people who want to open small businesses but do not have the skills, resources or finances to do so. They need the help of experts to help them get started. You can approach experts or consultants who are experienced in small business to help you. They can give you consultancy services where they will guide you on what to do and how to do it. This way you will be able to avoid costly mistakes.

You can seek help from school students who have a passion for running a business. You can encourage them to help you with marketing strategies and advertising. These students will be able to provide you with useful contacts. They will also be happy to learn new things. After getting some contacts you will be in a much better position to set up your own business.

You can also consider forming a small business with friends or members from your family or a community group. This way you will have much better support and be able to build a stronger foundation. Forming a small business with your close friends or relatives will help you build strong ties. In fact, building a network is very important if you want to succeed in Kenya.

These small business ideas in Kenya are just a few ideas. If you want to venture into a new venture you should research well in advance. You can go online and look for ideas and tips. If you can afford to spend a lot, you should consult a mentor who will help you plan your business. He will also help you with the legal aspects of starting your busines


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