How To Sell My House In Probate In Colorado

You can sell your house if it is in probate in Colorado.

In fact you can sell your house fast and get paid cash direct to the estate account!

How To Sell My Probate House Fast in Colorado?

The main benefit is you can then use the money to pay fo the expenses of running the estate.

How it works:

When you sell a house that is in probate the cash from the sale will be put into the estate account. From there it can be used to pay bills, like the mortgage, or the funds can even be dispersed to the beneficiaries.

If you are using an attorney to help you with the probate they may keep some of the funds in the estate account they will keep the funds because then they can use it to pay any future fees costs or maybe even Court recording fees

Get A Cash Offer TO Sell My Colorado House Fast For Cash Today!

Probate is a lengthy process. Even the smallest estates can take 6-12 months to get through the whole thing. In the meantime, the costs related to probate and the estate will be stacking up. There are lawyer fees. Estate fees, and even funeral costs for the deceased. It isn’t uncommon for the executor of the will to consider selling a house in probate, but can you?  

Because of this you can sell your house to a transparent home buyer like https://webuyhousesindenver.org/ which has a simple online form that you can fill out for a no obligation cash offer to sell a house in probate in Colorado or you can sell any house in any situation to them in Denver, Lakewood or anywhere in the great Mile High City region or in the Centennial State. 

We will give you an expert opinion on selling a house in probate. We will tell you who can sell a house during the process. We will let you know where the cash from the sale will go. We will even cover how you can sell the house as quickly as possible. You can think of this as the complete authoritative guide to house sales during probate in Colorado. 

What is Probate?

Probate is the first step in the execution of a will. Before the estate can be distributed to the beneficiaries, it must be proven that the will is the last will and testament of the deceased. How the probate process works can vary on the size of the estate. The process will involve nothing more than signing a form in front of a legal professional with smaller estates. If the estate is substantial, then the will may need to be proven in the probate court, which can take a huge amount of time. The process can be rather costly too. 

Can I Sell My House in Probate?

We are assuming that you are the executor of the estate here.

Yes. You can sell your house during probate. However, the house sale will need to meet a few conditions:

  • The property must be professionally appraised.
  • The price the house is being sold for must be at least 90% of the home’s appraised value.
  • You must ask the Colorado probate court permission before the house can be sold. 

The funds received from the house sale will be added to the estate. Any fees probate management will be deducted. At the end of the probate process, the leftover cash will be distributed based on the will’s contents.

The executor will not be able to sell the home if the property has been expressly willed to somebody. They would need to seek the permission of the future owner of the property. 

Can You Live In a House During Probate?

You can live in a house during the probate process. In fact, it is often recommended that a person does live in a house in probate. It helps to keep the property secure. It also helps to ensure that any issues with the property can be quickly dealt with, which can lead to a higher sale price later on.

If the property is being rented out, then the cash from the rental will need to be paid into the estate. This will be distributed at the end of the probate process.

While the house is in probate, all assets in the property must be kept. They cannot be sold until the probate process has been completed, although they can be placed in storage. 

Petition To Sell a House in Probate

Before a house in probate can be sold, a petition will need to be made to the probate court in Colorado. This petition must be made by the executor of the will, although, in most cases, the petition will go through the legal expert working on the case. 

The petition is essentially the executor asking the courts for permission to sell the property before the will has been legally accepted as real. The court’s job is to ensure that the house is not being sold below market value. This means that before a petition can be made, the property will need to by a real estate specialist. The court will then require that the property is sold at a minimum of 90% of the property’s appraised value. 

The courts will determine how the cash is distributed when the property has been sold. 

The Probate Process

When real estate is involved, the probate process will normally involve going through probate courts. This process often begins with the will’s executor consulting with a lawyer. Together, a ‘Formal Probate’ form will need to be filed with the probate court. This form is simple to fill in. Attached will be the death certificate, will, and a few other documents. The court will then appoint a representative to manage probate. This includes posting notices in newspapers, making an inventory of assets, etc. The assets will be distributed to the beneficiaries at the end of the probate process.

By law, the probate process must take a minimum of 6-months. 

Reason To Sell a House in Probate

There are several reasons why a person may wish to sell a house during probate. This may include:

  • Cash is required to pay for ongoing expenses in the estate management.
  • Cash is required to cover the cost of the funeral..
  • Cash is required to cover lawyer fees related to probate.

These are some awesome reasons to sell a house in probate and website you can get a cash offer if you need some fast cash in San Diego, California is found at https://sdhouseguys.com/ so dont miss out getting a fair offer from a trusted home buying company in Southern California. 

In rare cases, a person may also opt to sell a house during the probate process because they want to take advantage of a seller’s market. Perhaps they have received an offer higher than they would receive if they waited until the end of the probate process.

As the executor of the estate, it is important that you talk to the legal professional dealing with probate for you. They can help you to determine whether the house needs to be sold right away.

Who Can Sell a House in Probate?

Only the executor of the will has the ability to sell a house during the probate process. However, they cannot make the decision unilaterally. The court must approve any sale of the property. Without the probate court’s approval, then the home will remain in probate until the process has been completed.

How To Sell a House in Probate?

  • The value of the property is appraised by a certified professional.
  • The executor of the estate submits a petition to the court for a house in probate to be sold.
  • The court determines whether the property can be legally sold.
  • If the house can be sold, the court will stipulate a minimum price for which the property must be sold.
  • The executor can put the house on the market.
  • When the house is sold, the funds from the sale (minus expenses) will go into the estate’s assets. 

How To Get The Most Profit When Selling a House in Probate

While it can be tempting to carry out renovations to a property in order to squeeze the maximum amount of value from it, this is not recommended. Unless you have experience flipping homes for profit, it is best not to do it. The executor of the estate has a legal obligation to sell the home for the most that they possibly can do. If they renovate the home, a lot can go wrong. The renovations really will cut into the profit.

Other than having a quick tidy-up, a house in probate should be sold ‘as-is.’. This is the only way to guarantee that the property will make cash.

Who Will Buy a House in Probate: Cash Home Buyer Near Me

If you are selling a house in probate, it would be wise to seek out a cash buyer. There are several advantages to this:

  • You will be able to sell the property as-is. Most cash buyers are looking to flip, and they aren’t fussed about the state of the property.
  • The process is quicker. Most cash buyers are not part of a chain.
  • You can often work with cash buyers directly. This means that there will be no commissions to pay to real estate agents.
  • There is less red tape as the sale doesn’t need to pass through inspectors or banks. Again, it contributes to a faster sale.

There are a lot of cash buyers out there. It is important that you do your research to ensure that you work with trusted companies when selling a house in probate. Dealing with probate is hard enough. You don’t want to make the process even harder.

WeBuyHousesInDenver.org is the number 1 cash homebuyer in Denver, Colorado. Countless people have sold their property to this company, and this includes executors looking to sell a house in probate. 


You can sell a house in probate, although the process may not be as easy as you may think. You will need to consult with legal experts, and a petition will need to be made to the probate court. If you are granted permission to sell the home, then you have a legal obligation to sell the property for as much as you can and as quickly as you can- Working with cash buying probates such as WeBuyHousesInDenver.org, you can ensure that you receive cash for your home sale incredibly quickly, all within the guidelines that the probate court professionals have laid out. 


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