Find out how laser marking can benefit you

These days, lasers are used for a great deal of precision cutting and engraving. As a leading laser machine manufacturer, we have witnessed the evolution of laser markers. Throughout the years, laser technology has found many applications, including jewelry design and aircraft manufacturing.

As a result of our experience working with a wide range of customer requirements, we have listed the following 7 notable advantages of Laser marking systems:

1. Marks on many surfaces without contact

A laser can be used to engrave information pieces on a variety of surfaces, including metal, acrylic, wood, plastics, leather, and ceramics. Using a laser marker has enabled our clients to get the markings they need on a variety of products and packages using a single machine.

The focused light is used in laser printing. There is no contact between the laser-creating tool and the surface to be marked. Moreover, machine owners don’t have to spend as much on manpower, printing dies, or other parts as they would in other methods of printing.

2. Marking solution with low costs

Compared with other marking solutions that require a die or special treatment, laser markers can save our clients money. A laser printer integrates easily into any production line, making it possible to print flawlessly and consistently in any industrial space.

The cost of repairing wear and tear of the die, replacing the die, and creating new dies for printing isn’t necessary for laser machine users. Laser machines can therefore be maintained at a low cost.

3. Prevent counterfeiting

This function of laser markers has been beneficial to many of our clients at Prakash Laser. Laser marking can prevent illegal activities such as replacing genuine products with fake ones because it cannot be tampered with easily.

4. Faster output

Laser printers are high-speed and high-precision devices that offer faster printing. This feature has proven to be useful to many of our clients when completing rush orders. A laser machine is capable of speeds between 5 and 7 m/s.

You can easily operate the computer connected to your laser machine. The computer program for printing is well designed to allow precise and accurate control by the user.

As laser printing technology has improved over the years, more and more production line workers have become accustomed to the printing process.

5. Permanent Markings

Laser printing is the best option for products with a long shelf life. As opposed to paper stickers, the markings are permanent and will not fade.

We have worked with clients who switched to laser marking systems when they realized that other markings were coming off during transportation, rough handling, and other environmental conditions.

6. Readability

The laser machines are capable of marking any kind of object in a way that is clean and easily readable. Lasers are capable of creating even very small marks with great clarity.

You can easily engrave 2D images, elegant patterns, numbers, product information, and more on a suitable surface in minimum size and with maximum clarity.

7. Additional treatment is not needed

Pre- and post-treatment of any kind are not required for laser marking, unlike other marking procedures. The client saves time and money as a result.

Chemicals or other fluids are not necessary for laser printing. Because laser engravings do not contain such substances, edible product packages can be printed using laser engravings.



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