Haven’t Tried Pay per Click Advertising? Here’s why you should!

If you are seeking lead marketing strategies that can be launched almost instantly, PPC or Pay Per Click advertising could be your magic wand! PPC adverts are delightfully easy to create and even easier to launch. You have prominent interfaces like Google and Facebook that carry PPC ads with ease.

PPC acts as the ideal cost-effective lead generation strategy simply because it does not charge you for organic results that may be achieved way later! You pay only per click! So, if there are no clicks on your ad, you do not pay at all! This sort of flexibility is what makes PPC campaigns a raging success for those looking at rationalizing advertisement budgets.

If you continue to be in doubt over pay per click, here are some statistical pointers that can help you jump the fence.

Pay Per Clicks and their Amazing Results

If you are still unsure about whether to invest time and efforts in PPC advertising, refer to these facts below:

  • As many as 63% of internet surfers have confessed that they will most willingly click on ads displayed on the Google network.
  • The Google Display Network is an interface for as many as 2 million websites and is counting.
  • Google processes over 40,000 searches every second. Your PPC ad on the Google interface, therefore, is likely to grab millions and millions of eyeballs.
  • According to official estimates posted by Google, PPC helps in enhancing brand awareness by almost 80%.
  • 75% of those who access PPC advertisements have claimed that they have actually been able to access the information they have been looking for, in these adverts.
  • In terms of local searches, adverts claim that 25% of search results actually get clicked.
  • 69% of mobile searches targeting a local business will actually result in a call being made to that business.
  • According to stats, advertising through pay per click increases store visits by a whopping 107%.
  • Among modern-day businesses, 87% invest in social advertising. 88% prefer Facebook whereas 15% choose LinkedIn and Twitter.

Clearly, PPC-based marketing strategies have caught on as rage and companies have blatantly jumped onto the bandwagon for making the most of high traffic interfaces like Google and Facebook. What makes PPCs extremely popular is also the ease of creation it involves. There is hardly anything complicated about creating a PPC ad. It’s simple, easy, and most importantly, instant! Although organic publicity initiatives do generate longstanding results, oftentimes a quick response is what a company might be looking at in this ever so competitive market.

Algorithms can be ignored for Once!

As we all know, Google rankings are dependent on algorithms and its ever-changing protocols can seriously cause sleepless nights! For once, the success of PPCs is algorithm free. It is a stable form of advertisement that allows complete peace of mind to marketers who are yearning to make a mark in this big bad digital world! Just put up an ad, pay per click and enjoy the benefits!

A digital marketing expert can help in generating successful responses through PPC adverts within no time!


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