Why Do People Think That Sports Betting Will Never Be Legalised In Texas? Everything You Should Know in 2022


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In recent years, sports betting has swept the world by storm, particularly as a result of the significant technological development that has occurred in recent years. Because of this, the Lone Star State has experienced a variety of highs and lows. So why do people think that it’s difficult for internet gambling to become legal in the state of Texas? What factors have contributed to the disappearance of hope? And will there be any changes for citizens of Texas who are seeking to place bets?

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The Legality of Sports Betting in Texas

At the present time, the state of Texas considers betting on sports to be criminal activity. Because of the restrictions, betting businesses are not allowed to establish themselves in the state of Texas. It is seeming more and more likely that the state of Texas will legalize betting on sporting events.

In addition to Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban, notable Texas sports club owners Tilman Fertitta and Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks have also made public statements expressing their support for the legalization of sports betting in the state of Texas. Every time a new parliamentary session begins, fresh proposals for laws governing sports betting will be introduced, and this will continue until at least one or two of these bills are finally passed.

One analyst in the business believes that if this occurs, Texas may generate income amounts equivalent to those of New York due to the legalization of sports betting.

In the first month of business, which began in January, mobile sports betting companies in the state of New York generated a total of $1.6 billion worth of wagers. A tax rate of 51% resulted in the collection of around $58 million for the state’s general fund.

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Offshore Betting Sites

To our great relief, there is no law in existence that makes it illegal to use offshore online betting services. When it comes to betting on sports, your only legitimate choice is to go with an offshore bookie. There is a wealth of information about online sports betting in Texas that is thankfully available on the internet. This information includes many bookie reviews, bonuses, various bet type variants, and more.

As is the case with the majority of taboos, the general consensus is that there is no valid justification for offshore sites’ negative connotations. The majority of offshore bookies obtain their licences from regulatory bodies like the Malta Gambling Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. The fact that a bookie possesses a licence bodes well for the bookie’s business, as players who are interested in placing bets regard the licence as a badge of honour.

How to Bet on Sports In Texas

Whether you bet at a traditional brick-and-mortar sportsbook or place your wagers through an online sportsbook, you have access to a diverse choice of betting alternatives. The total amount of money that a sportsbook receives for a certain event, which includes all of the wagers put on the result of that event, is referred to as the “handle.” In opposition to the trend: As a result of the state’s preoccupation with football, spread betting on major games is likely to be quite popular in the state of Texas. In this betting method, which gives each side an equal advantage despite the handicaps, the favourite is represented by a negative sign.

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Do you want to place a wager on something other than the game’s ultimate score? Try your luck with a proposition bet. A wager placed on a particular outcome during the course of a game or competition other than the final score is known as a prop bet. For instance, a proposition bet in professional baseball might be placed on whether or not a player for Texas hits a home run, or on whether or not a starting pitcher for Houston can go the whole seven innings in a significant game.

Difficulty Legalising Sports Betting In Texas

In the 2019 session of the Texas legislature, Representative Eddie Lucio III introduced House Measure 1275, a bill that was 15 pages long. The proposed legislation includes provisions that, if passed, would make it possible for Texans to place bets on the internet and via mobile devices.

Additional provisions were added to the law, such as the fact that the Texas Commission on Licensing and Regulating would be in charge of overseeing gambling operations in the state, that any wager placed on sports would be subject to a tax of 6.25 per cent, and that gamblers would be able to place wagers on both professional and collegiate sports using the newly created wagering option. However, in order to authorise betting on sports in Texas, this idea, as well as any other movement toward that goal, would require a vote to modify the Texas Constitution.

The restriction on gambling in Texas may be traced back to the state’s constitution; legislation alone could not have brought about this result.

As a direct consequence of this, it will be very challenging to get any legislation passed by Congress. In addition to receiving two-thirds of the votes from each chamber, it must be placed to a vote and pass with the approval of the general people.

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When will Texas Finally Have Online Gambling?

It appears that legal betting on sports will not be available in the state of Texas before the year 2023. Because the Texas Legislature only convenes on years that end in an odd number, the state of Texas will have to postpone legalisation for another two years if the bill is not approved in 2021.

There is a robust anti-gambling stance in the legislative body of Austin, where the city is located. The vast majority of Texans do not have any moral objections to betting on sporting events. A recent survey conducted by the University of Texas at Tyler found that 43 per cent of residents in Texas are in favour of legalising sports betting, while another 31 per cent were unclear of their position on the issue. Only 26% of those who were polled said they were totally against it.

The most remarkable thing about these percentages is that they were almost exactly the same across political parties, with the exception of white evangelicals, who showed a greater degree of opposition to additional expansion. Despite this, only 44% of those polled felt strongly enough to voice their opposition to the adoption of sports betting. It is interesting to note that the same poll discovered that more than half of those asked were in favour of allowing casinos to operate in the state and set up shop there.

On the other side, older people have the highest voter turnout and are the most inclined to provide money to political campaigns. This group has a pessimistic outlook on gambling in the state of Texas. As a direct consequence of this, it is not unheard of in Texas for a vocal subset of disgruntled residents to be able to sway the decisions made by state leaders. Throughout his time as governor and lieutenant governor, respectively, Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick have both been vocal opponents of expanding existing casino operations.


The political campaigns of Texas lawmakers receive a significant amount of financial support from out-of-state gaming interests as well. One excellent illustration of this is the Chickasaw Nation, which manages the WinStar World Casino in the state of Oklahoma (about an hour north of the DFW Metroplex). Throughout the years, the Chickasaw Nation has given more than $15 million to various political initiatives, the majority of which have been located in Texas.

Even if a majority of Texans appear to be in favour of legalising sports betting, there are still a number of important political hurdles that need to be overcome before the topic can even be brought up for discussion in the state legislature. The outcome of the elections in 2022 could be the single most important factor in determining whether or not there will be a change in the current circumstances.

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