4 Types of Workers Excelling in 2022

The world is back to work after the global pandemic. Countries are reopening businesses and lifting travel bans. During the pandemic, offices shut down, forcing people to work from home. Non-essential workers lost their jobs or roles within an organization.

Yet, technological advancements made it possible for core and essential workers to keep their businesses and companies running. The challenges and opportunities caused by the pandemic are creating a new economic status. Many companies are moving forward to become more active, offline and online, using technological tools.

Workers Excelling in 2022

As the labor market expands, not all careers, services, skills and professions are in high demand. Here are four working roles outshining others and ahead in the labor market in 2022:

  • Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are people who use technology to carry out their jobs but are location-independent. They work remotely by telecommuting instead of being present in an office: digital nomads tend to be mostly young people working in marketing, IT, media, design, consulting, and tutoring in most industries. Several technology innovations have made the digital nomadic lifestyle possible.

A digital nomad may work from a hotel room, a coffee shop, a vacation site or on the beach. The freedom to choose where to live and work is one of the benefits of being a digital nomad. Many countries and employers offer visas for digital nomads so their staff and workers can operate outside their offices, governments, and home workspaces. Digital nomad visas allow individuals to live and work in another country legally. These visas are also available to students, not just nomads.

  • Frontline Workers

Frontline workers in an organization provide essential services to their customers. Not all essential workers are frontline workers. Some workers can complete their tasks from home, while frontline employees must report in person to complete their work. Jobs in healthcare (nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc.) are the most common frontline jobs, but here is a list of some other jobs:

  • Public transportation workers in air, road, water and rail
  • Security workers and firefighters
  • Law enforcement and armed forces
  • Construction sites workers
  • Teachers and child care professionals
  • Food sales and distribution workers
  • Financial services

Frontline workers were in the spotlight in 2020. Their role in society is crucial, and tracking hours spent at work is essential to avoid reduced productivity from burnout. Time tracking by employers improves teamwork, profitability and operations within your organization. It also provides correct payroll information.

  • Integrators

An integrator is an individual regarded as a glue that holds everything together in an organization, implements a business plan, and has every team and individual accountable, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Integrators contribute to various positions, including partnerships, project management, business development, communications, and day-to-day operations: They focus more on logic, results, and team spirit and help eliminate barriers and obstacles. Every organization must have an integrator that everyone gives feedback on a task. They are called many names/titles depending on the company’s choice. They can be known as General manager, President, Chief of Staff, or Chief Operating Officer (COO): only their role is essential, and the title is insignificant. The dynamic nature of many organizational structures makes integrating jobs so important and complex for a single general manager to handle.

  • Online Business Owners

Online business is also called e-commerce. It is a form of business carried out solely on the internet. It entails buying and selling goods and providing services electronically. Many customers make their purchases online, making an online business profitable. The importance of online business also contributes to the success of a business. Starting an online business is one of the most affordable, easiest, and quickest ways to start a business. A personal computer and internet connection are all you need.

Having an online presence fetches you a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Increases your customer’s trust in your brand
  • Builds long-lasting and strong relationships with your customers
  • Low costs of operation
  • You can provide your customers with 24/7 services
  • A large audience that directly increases sales and profits
  • You can operate from any part of the world at any time
  • Unlimited income
  • Freedom to create your contents
  • It can be a side hustle to make more money besides your full-time job
  • You can set your working hours

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, running an online business is a key to financial freedom and security.


Success begins with staying relevant. The need to remain relevant as the world keeps evolving in all areas, sectors, and niches is a dilemma and can overwhelm most workers. Everyone wants to keep their jobs and get promoted and appreciated at work.

To outshine and excel as a worker these days can only be possible by skills relevant to your company or getting informed about a particular work niche you can take advantage of to be an excellent worker. This article points out four work areas where you can thrive with ease.


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