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How to make a logo

A logo is a sign, emblem, symbol of a company or product. The logo is a visualization of the brand — it is associated with its values, ideas, mission, and activities. It is needed in order to identify the brand and distinguish it from competitors. The logo is part of the image of the company or product and helps to increase awareness.The logo can consist only of an image or only of text. Often brands use a combined option — combine the image with the company name.

As you probably already realized, not every company and not every product needs a logo. The logo (and other elements of identity) is necessary:

If you want to be remembered;

If you want to stand out.

The logo must be unique and different from the existing ones on the market. It must be registered, in this case, it will have legal protection against forgery and plagiarism. They register logos with the patent office. Thanks to logos, customers can distinguish similar products from competing manufacturers. In addition, the presence of a logo, trademark is one of the requirements of retail chains. If the manufacturer plans to work with them and wants to place their products on their shelves, then it is impossible to do without the registration of the logo.

Ways to come up with a company name.

Turbologo is an online logo instructor who is able to create hundreds of variants of unique designs with unique logos in a matter of minutes.Anyone can come up with an emblem. But inventing an emblem design that will be appropriate, reflect the company’s goals, will be quite simple and memorable — this is already more difficult. You should consider how your logo will look on products, advertising and marketing materials.Your logo is the face of your business. A beautiful logo will help your company move in the right direction.

No one knows your business better than you. Therefore, do not waste time and money on an invited specialist — the logo designer Canva will tell you how to implement any concepts. You can create a logo online for free, in Russian or English, by selecting the appropriate fonts among the dozens already embedded in the panel

And the Canva Pro subscription will help to use the maximum of possibilities. These are adding custom fonts, creating a palette of shades for your brandbook, designing a design on a transparent background, and many other functions.

1) Strive for individuality. Unique is a logo that is easy to distinguish from competitors. Otherwise, people may think that this is a new design of your competitor’s logo.

2) Pay attention to the color. Customers with an international sales market should pay special attention to the cultural differences of their consumers. When you create your logo, design it in several colors.

3) A simple logo will be better remembered by potential customers. Remember the logos of famous companies: BMW, McDonald’s, Google. They are quite simple, and if necessary, you can take a piece of paper and draw them.

4) Think about how your logo will look on products, website and other elements of corporate identity.

5) Test. You can never be sure of the reaction of a wide audience. If you already have an image of your ideal client, then assemble a test group, show several variants of logos and see what feedback they will give you.


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