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A freedom enthusiast is always looking for a way to express his inside out. Expressing thoughts via writing a freedom of speech essay is one of those tactics. There are many other ways, but communicating with your audience via writing your words seems to be the best choice.

However, writing a casual essay without any consideration, such as proper structure or use of word choice, seems void. This is why the below-mentioned guide is helpful for students who intend to express their thoughts by this means. But before discussing the topic, let’s first know what is freedom of speech.

According to Amnesty International, freedom of speech is a basic human right. It says you can seek, receive, and impart information as you want to. Consequently, it frees you from dictatorship, restricting you from expressing your wants.

Many students or professionals try to express their thoughts on freedom by writing essays, but not all understand writing them well. Once the write-up doesn’t go smoothly, don’t expect some positive outcomes out of it. This is why our guide will be helpful for you. However, if you want to get it done by professionals, contact an essay helper online.

Why Does the Choice of Words Matter in Writing a Freedom of Speech Essay?

You might not have considered it before, but word choice matters the most for freedom of speech essays. After the collection and compilation of ideas, when it comes to writing, the wrong use of words can even change the narrative.

Reading your essay after completing the write-up is advisable to make an informed estimation about its context. Considering the importance of using the right words, the following key points highlight that you should consider it a top priority while writing.

Wordiness Makes Freedom of Speech Essay Ideas Complex

One of the most common mistakes while writing an essay is to make the text crowded with words. A thing that can be expressed precisely with the right use of words is not comparable with long phrases having unnecessary words. For instance, if you opt for the freedom of speech essay topics like,

What can be revealed about the person’s personality from his/her freedom of speech?

Here, the idea can be noted clearly and precise by writing it as,

“Freedom of speech and expression as a personality trait.”

This is how we avoid using unnecessary words that can confuse ideas. Also, it might cause an increase in total word count that can impart a bad impression on the teacher.

Repetition Can Detract from the Meaning

Students mostly make this mistake when they compile ideas in a freedom of speech essay. Just because they are focused on a point to deliver to the reader, they start making repetitions. Even if you repeat an idea, the word choice should be wise enough to present it differently. For instance, consider a phrase like,

“The reporter faced heavy criticism just because her reporting was very biased and the other reporters did not agree with her method of reporting.”

The phrase is lengthy, and the repetition of words causes fuss for the reader.

A more appropriate way to write it as,

“The reporter faced criticism as her story was biased and others did not agree with her.”

Overusing Pronounce Creates Vagueness in Freedom of Speech Essay

Another common mistake is the overuse of pronouns in your essays on freedom of speech. We use pronouns in place of nouns to address the same person repeatedly. But when it’s about writing an essay, the clarity of ideas is the top priority.

Most probably, if you address it like she, he, those, etc., the reader may get confused about the subject you are talking about. And especially if you are describing a case study, it may be impossible to understand because of the ambiguous use of words.

For instance, consider a phrase like,

“The onset of this medical condition is detrimental for such women.”

The phrase is confusing, and the reader can’t spot “such women.” The correction narration can be like

“The onset of anaemia medical conditions are harmful to pregnant women.”

The more clarity of ideas, the catchier it will be for the reader.

5 Tips for Perfecting Word Choice for Your Freedom of Speech Essay Writing

According to the University of Minnesota, effective writing involves the wise use of words. You may just sit to write an essay and have countless ideas to frame yours,

  • Freedom of speech essay introduction and thesis statement
  • The basic template of essay writing to be followed up
  • Writing its conclusion

But when it comes to measuring its effectiveness, wise use of words beats all other considerations. So, avoiding word choice flaws can be better assisted by following key tips.

  1. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus to save you time while writing a freedom of speech essay. Not all of us know every word in the dictionary. So, using it can be helpful for,
  • Correct spellings
  • Pronunciation
  • Parts of speech
  • Difficult definitions
  • Synonyms
  • Etymology
  1. The correct use of connotation for effective delivery of word meanings.

According to Grammar Monster, an example of the correct use of connotation,

  1. Avoid using informal words or slang in the freedom of speech essay. Specific people often use slang; not all readers know these words. It is appropriate for a conversation between two friends. However, writing a formal expression in the essay by using it may have a bad impact.
  2. Avoid making it too general by using general words. Instead of using general words, replace them with particular verbs or modifiers.
  3. Avoid overuse of cliches to maintain the originality of ideas.


Still, wondering how to write a freedom of speech essay? The guide is a perfect model for making the right word choice in your freedom of speech essay. Framing ideas, conducting deep research, and investing time and money can lose efficiency in a blink if not accompanied by the wrong use of words.

So, be very keen in your word choice to deliver ideas to the reader effectively. However, sometimes, students are stuck with the workload and lose the confidence to implement it all alone. This is where choosing an essay writing service can be the best choice to get good grades.


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