4 Best Tips to Prepare For Your Trip to Africa

There isn’t anything like traveling around Africa. We continuously hear negative things about Africa, including starving children, rampant disease, ethnic conflict, and whatnot. However, in reality, this country is so much more than that. What no one talks about is travelers vacationing in Africa in droves, and yes they are going far beyond the popular safari locations. 

A continent that contains 54 countries and nine territories has so much more to offer including the unique culture and history. If you have decided to go to this amazing region, then traveling Africa is sure to enchant your heart. However, first, you have to prepare for your trip. To find out how you can do that, continue reading.

Make a Friend Online 

Most people generally pick a country in Africa based on knowing someone who lives there. If you have a friend where you are going, then it will be very convenient for you. If not, then it is recommended to make a friend online who will accompany you during your trip. 

You can get in touch with natives on a number of websites. This way, your travel experiences can be enhanced, and you will have someone to guide you better during your trip. He will guide you through a few of the most historical places to visit and the best places to eat in the region. Plus, you can get an intimate knowledge of the culture as well. 

Plan in Advance Where You Will Stay

Sometimes, accommodations can be very tough in Africa, especially when you are visiting an under-developed country. Therefore, it is recommended to book your hotel or place where you will stay in advance in such countries. 

For example, if you are going to Niger, then the chances are that you will not find the right place to stay on time. So, what you should do is to book a decent hotel room in advance, if the hotel does not offer you such a service, then you can have your friend living in Africa book for you. 

He can pay the advance, or you can send a money order abroad to your friend for hotel booking. This way, you are making sure that you do not have to waste time finding a place.

Savor the Best Moments

It’s true that you don’t have to take pictures all the time unless you want to ruin your trip. However, to cherish the best moments of your life, you should still be mindful of noting down important memories. You can keep a digital camera to take breathtaking shots and pick one of the best gratitude journals with you to write your experiences. 

Pack all the Important Stuff

When you are going to Africa, there are certain things you just cannot just do without. No, it isn’t necessary to dress head to toe in khaki with binoculars hung around your neck. However, it is essential to know that due to the climatic differences in Africa, you will need to pack properly. 

The really important stuff you’ll need to pack is sunscreen, hand lamp, toiletries, sunglasses, insect repellent, camera, pocket knife, first aid kit, moisturizer and lip balm, and African travel guides. All these things are vital if you want to survive your trip. 

Be Prepared For the Unexpected

When in Africa, things do not always go according to your plan. So, always be prepared for unplanned decision making. Many people have faced such problems where they headed in the wrong direction and found themselves lost. 

You have to make sure that you’re carrying maps with you all the time and have an emergency contact. This way, you don’t have to face such issues, and you don’t want to end up in a place that you know nothing about.

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