Book Review: Elizabeth Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth Seven Deadly sins is a collection of true crime stories. Set in Boston in the 18th century, these tales follow the investigation and subsequent prosecution of seven suspects who were accused of being involved in a series of murders that occurred in and around Boston. The author tells you what you need to know through her writing and offers supporting characters as well. Although this is not your typical mystery or suspense novel, it is a story that will keep you hooked from start to finish. You will find yourself reading the book again, because nothing in this book is left out or left too much to be wanting.

Elizabeth Liones is the third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones, the 107th and current incarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth, and the lover of Meliodas, captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. She is the deuteragonist of the series.

Originally an alleged survivor of Danafor‘s destruction, Elizabeth was adopted and raised by the king Bartra Liones. After the Holy Knights rebel, she sets on journey to find Seven Deadly Sins, becoming a waitress for Meliodas’ tavern Boar Hat. She later awakened her power as a Goddess and become the Seven Deadly Sins’ prominent ally, participating in their battles against the Ten Commandments and later the Demon Clan in the New Holy War.

  • According to the databook(s):
    • Birthplace: Danafor
    • Special Ability: None
    • Weak Point: Her butt
    • Daily Activity: Helping out at the bar
    • Hobbies: Handicrafts
    • Charm Point: Her earring
    • Complex: Her right eye
    • What she likes about herself: Her long hair
    • Favorite Animal: Pigs
    • Favorite Food: Apple Pie
    • Favorite Scent: Meliodas’
    • Most Embarrassing Thing in Life: Being hugged by Meliodas while she was bathing naked
    • Greatest Regret: That there are people who were hurt because of her
    • Dream/Hope: Peace
    • What she wants the most right now: Meliodas’ heart
    • Person(s) she respects is her father and Zaratras
    • Person she doesn’t want to make an enemy of is no one.

Set in the summer of 1692, the story begins with a reading by the Boston examiner of the guilty party. It is then revealed that the culprit was actually a child bride, Elizabeth Swann, who had been married five times before she was killed. With her young and unable body, it was easy for the killer to hide their crime. From there the book jumps to the brutal murder of the victim’s husband, Joseph Swann. Along the way, there are clues to uncover, as the investigation goes on and the killer is finally caught. This book then moves to the examination of the motive behind the crime as well as how the culprit was able to get away from the police after committing their crime.

From the many twists and turns of this tale, you will find yourself reading it again. Although the main character is a woman, the story is about women in general and how the media can affect them. This is a highly recommended book to any female avid reader. If you enjoy thrillers and who enjoys looking into the darker side of human nature, then this book is definitely for you. Go into your local library and pick up your copy of Elizabeth Seven Deadly Sin today.

Elizabeth Seven Deadly Sins Abilities and Equipment

Elizabeth Seven Deadly sins is the sequel to the successful Elizabeth series by J.K. Rowling. In this book the main character is a sixteen-year-old called Eloise, who was looked down upon because of her magical abilities. She had been sent to live with Manderley in England, where her brother was working as a mason. One day Manderley discovered that Eloise had the power to turn into a werewolf. It is up to her friends to help her defeat the evil witch, Dolores.

This book is very dark, gritty, and full of shocks and plenty of action. I don’t want to give too much away, but like the first book in the series, you will learn some very disturbing details about the characters. The fact that they are from a very bad part of England adds an even stronger element to the story, as you learn the ugliness of the people and places you come into contact with.

While this book is not as good as the first two in the series, it is still a very good read, and I recommend it to anyone who has yet to read the books. If you haven’t read the first book, then you will want to start with the second, and read the first book in the series while you are reading the second. I loved reading this book and will always recommend it to other people. My wife loved the book, and so did my three-year-old son!

The Seven Deadly Sins

In the book of Job, translated by John Bickers, we are told that God created man “good” and “dirtier” for the reason that if man was made perfect he would not fall into the seven deadly sins. What exactly is meant by the “seeds” in the description of creation? We are told that “the earth was corrupt,” and the reason is that man has become “unfit.” The reason that God did not make man “perfect” is because man has fallen under the seven deadly sins, which are described as: adultery, theft, murder, coveting, non-gratitude, suicide, and pride.

If we add the “seeds” to the seven deadly sins and consider that the earth was not perfectly perfect, then we find that God created man “filthy” and “dirtier” for the reason that man would not fall into these sins. We are further instructed that if we remain in heedfulness of the warning then we will remain in God’s favor. How do we stay in God’s favor? We remain in God’s favor by never committing these seven deadly sins. We are not perfect, and God knows that, but he also knows that we have not sinned against any man or woman. Therefore we remain in God’s favor.

Now let us consider how one can remain in God’s favor if he or she has committed one of the seven deadly sins. First, man must remain in humble servitude because in that man will find a great reward. Second, man must work hard so that he may gain excellently high ranks in the kingdom of heaven. Next, man must never steal or covet what belongs to another. Last, man must never bear a grudge or harbor a grudge against any of his fellow men because God has placed them under His care and they are responsible for each other. Thus, it is easy to remain in God’s favor when one has remained righteous in all his or her actions.

Seven Deadly Sins Characters

In the newly released movie, The DaVinci Code, Kevin Costner plays three characters who are directly associated with one of the Seven Deadly sins. The first of the three, an archangel known as Gabriel, possesses a strong religious belief that rules his day-to-day activities. This means that he cannot deviate from his beliefs even if it means causing people to become hurt or even killed. Another character, Judas, has a strong sense of right and wrong that also dictate how he behaves and what he believes. Costner’s second character, Cain, has a strong sense of duty but is also a deceiving and manipulative person who considers others’ need to be saved at all costs to be justifiable to his own actions.

Diane Seven Deadly Sins

“Diane Seven Deadly sins” is an interesting look at how the lives of seven serial killers are told by their own mother. Seven young women were found dead in density over a seven year period. Their deaths appeared to be caused by two different killers. The author claims that the reader will draw conclusions from these deaths, connecting dots, and deducing the likely path of each victim.


  • (To an isolated Holy Knight) “As long as you still breathe, you are afforded the opportunity to fight and protect those of your own choosing. And, as such, you’ll have people to share your suffering, misery, and sorrow with.”
  • (To the Search-and-Destroy Force) “If possible, I would like everyone here to survive. If there is a way to settle this without anyone getting hurt, then that’s what I want. I understand how naive that hope is… But I just want you all to never forget that there’s someone in your lives hoping… praying that are safe and unharmed”.

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