Android Split Screen Apps – How To Have A Better Mobile Experience

Despite your previous preferences, this quick tutorial shows how to Split screen on Android using only a few simple steps:

Regardless of your individual preferences, this quick tutorial shows how to Split screen in Android, without even a rooted Android smartphone: NOTE: To this tutorial, utilized an ASUS ZenFone Max Pro phone running Android 9.2 Pie. The first step is to install a few very simple” Apps” that you may think you’d never need, but which many people do use. These include: Google Now, Google Maps, Stocks, and Google Buzz. You can also download other useful apps for Split Screen on Android, but we’ll be focusing on the ZenFone max Pro’s” Apps” selection.

After having installed the Apps you just downloaded, it’s time to unlock your smartphone. To do that, go to Settings > Security. At the bottom of the General section, tap” Knox” or “Google.” Select “uated” and then again click “OK.” Once done, your smartphone will now be unlocked and ready to use!

Tap “Settings” on your ZenFone again, then tap “Home.” You will see two apps open – one called “split view” and one called “task center.” The “task center” is what actually displays the two apps open in separate windows. You will notice that your smartphone has been reset (you weren’t able to enter your password to unlock your device).

Tap on “Task Center” to see a list of apps currently open. You’ll see that Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, and Numbers are available to you. To complete the unlock process, you will need to touch one of the apps to bring out the toolbar. You can then tap “send a message,” and you will be taken to your contact’s page.

One of the nice features of the new android split screen apps is the ability for users to view multiple applications at once. The floating windows let you browse through your favorites in their entirety. You can switch from one application to another by tapping their names in the floating window. For instance, if you’re viewing an email app, you can easily switch from that to the app, or you can check your email in Facebook. If you’re viewing a YouTube video, you can easily change your movie selection by tapping one of their buttons.

Another handy feature of the split screen is the ability to switch from the phone’s upper half to the lower half of the screen. This allows you to read text in one part but watch videos in another. Since this feature is accessible when only one app is open, it’s useful for those who like to have multiple applications open at once. There are even some apps that allow you to see a list of your favorite apps in their regular menus while keeping the upper half of the screen open for what you’re currently doing.

These pop-up views work really well on tablets because they open up smaller apps and make the navigation easier to handle. Android tablet users are used to browsing on their screens in landscape mode, so having an app open to the side allows them to flip their devices vertically to access these favorite apps. Plus, the apps are designed to be as streamlined as possible. For instance, some of the best apps for Android users include: Hangout, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Slide-share and Taste made. With a high-quality video player and an integrated file manager, it’s easy to see why these apps are being used by so many people.

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