Easy Hairstyles For Kids With Curly Hair

Looking for easy hairstyles for kids? I have a solution for that – cute and simple! Yes, it’s true. Braids, twists and wavy locks ooh my! If you’re looking for an easy way to straighten your kid’s hair within minutes, these simple step by step easy hairstyles for kids just might be for you!

The ponytail is one of the simplest and most effective hairstyles for children. You can do this from the head guard, which is the top portion of your hair that lays right above the eyes. The trick is to tease the hair around the ears so that the natural curl of the hair becomes prominent. There are other methods such as using pins or clips to hold the ponytail in place, but we prefer the easy one above for our little tresses.

The next easy hairstyle for kids I am going to show you is the simple braid. This can be done from any part of the head, but we prefer the front portion since we don’t want too many fringes showing. You can make a braid from any medium length hair and use a curling iron to make it smooth and silky. There are so many variations on the basic bun, such as adding some waves, some colors and some accessories for a unique look.

One of the best easy hairstyles for kids is a French twist. It requires super fine hair, preferably curly, because the French twist is meant to be worn as a loose hairdo. You’ll need a large round brush and a few barrettes to secure the style. Simply roll up the hair and secure it by pinning it from the back to the front with a barrette. If you have wavy hair, this is perfect!

If you don’t have wavy, fine hair, the French twist doesn’t apply. However, if you do, you can add a few layers to the front to give it a soft feel. To pull off the super fine look, start with a top knot bun and secure the hair at the back by curling. You can add color, or even go for something more simple like a glittery top knot bun. Easy hairstyles for kids with wavy hair!

If you don’t have wavy hair, but short hair, you still have plenty of options. One of the easiest styles for kids with short hair is a super easy ponytail. You can find many different tutorials online or buy a basic French braid tutorial at your local beauty supply store. This look is easy to pull off, and looks great with just about any type of hair. A messy bun is also an option and is especially good for those with very straight hair.

If your hair is curly, or if you simply want to keep it simple, a French braid is easy to do. You start with a messy bun that goes down on both sides (right and left side). You then secure the hair at the back with a large elastic band or a plastic clip. You can either leave the ends natural or add a few clips for volume at the front. This is an easy hairstyle for kids with wavy/curly hair!

If your hair isn’t wavy enough to pull off the French braid, there are also other ways to pull it off. For instance, an ipod is a great way to pull off an easy hairstyle for kids with wavy/curly hair. An up do is simply a long braid that starts above the part of the head that normally has hair. There are many variations to the up do, including French braid Tutorials, how to do a French braid, and how to do a ponytail with this style.

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