What are noindex and nofollow? How to get female traffic?

It is a well-known fact that in order to promote your site, that is, to raise its position in the search results and increase the TIC, you need to build up the link mass. But not all links are created equal. Every year, search engine algorithms are improving, new rules are being added, so if yesterday some link worked, then tomorrow it may fall out of the index. On the one hand, this is good – the Internet is becoming cleaner, but on the other hand, it is becoming more and more difficult to promote a new resource without money injections or with minimal costs.

What is the noindex tag?

It often happens that the link on the page needs to be left, but at the same time it is undesirable to transfer weight along it, that’s why the noindex tag and the nofollow attribute were created .

Nofollow and noindexThe noindex tag is taken into account only by Yandex and Rambler, because it was proposed by a Russian company – Yandex. In other words, the Google search engine pays no attention to this tag and freely indexes links and text within it.

If you want to hide some link from Yandex and Rambler, then feel free to enclose it in noindex, and this is done like this:

<noindex> <a href=>www.ya.ru </a> </noindex>

However, do not think that the search engine does not follow the links that are inside these tags at all, it simply does not take into account their weight and they are completely useless for promotion. The noindex tag can be used for anything at all, unlike nofollow. You can, for example, enclose a whole paragraph or any other piece of content in it, but if you want to close the entire page from indexing, then it is better to use a special meta tag :

<meta name = ”robots” content = ”noindex” />

In this case, the entire page will not be indexed at all.

Unfortunately, in the spring of 2010 Yandex began to take into account the nofollow attribute , so many resources that were used to get “free” links, for example, Wikipedia, simply stopped working.

What is nofollow then

Unlike the noindex tag , nofollow is an attribute of the a tag . In other words, links with this attribute are not taken into account by the Google search engine, and since spring 2010, by Yandex.

Used by nofollow as follows:

<ahref = ”www.ya.ru” rel = ”nofollow”> Yandex </a>

This is how you can immediately kill two “birds with one stone”, roughly speaking, prohibit the link from being taken into account in the most popular search engines. The nofollow meta tag is also provided:

<meta name = ”robots” content = ”nofollow” />

After using it, all links on the page will not be taken into account by search engines. It turns out to be a rather interesting situation: the weight of the link with this attribute is not tranferred, but it still evaporates from the donor site.

However, the links will be indexed, that is, in the webmaster’s panel the number of links will be one, but not all will be shown.

Teaser network for female traffic

Women, unlike men, are more willing to part with money, buying what they like, therefore, women’s traffic is highly valued everywhere, as these are potential buyers. There are many different sites targeted specifically at women, and there are many more of them than similar, but targeted at men. It is not surprising that female teaser networks were created , which will be discussed below.

Best Female Teaser Network These teaser networks run ads targeting women, so if you have a site with a female audience, this will be the best way to make money from it. Naturally, the level of earnings will depend on the number of visitors, site design and even the design of the ad unit itself, but the return will be higher than that of any other network. Don’t believe me? Go through the women’s sites and see what kind of ads are spinning there. And usually Lady cash is spinning there, or much less often Women click . In fact, sometimes there is advertising of other systems, but the first is almost always there. In general, there used to be more teaser networks targeting a female audience, but some could not withstand the competition.

Ladycash Is the best female teaser network at the moment. We can say even the only one.

So, as mentioned above, if you have a site dedicated to women , then this teaser network will bring you at least 30% more income than any other. The main thing is not to be lazy and make a normal design of ad units, then they will be clicked more often. By the way, the possibilities for customizing the appearance of ad units are quite wide there.

The teasers themselves look pretty nice, there is no banned material or shock content. In general, this teaser network can boast of a rather high cost per click – from one ruble. And the CTR is quite decent – an average of 1%. That is, for every 100 views, there is 1 click. The quality of traffic for advertisers there is simply excellent, because only really good platforms targeting people are accepted into the system.

Money is paid out on Web Money , and the minimum amount is 16 rubles.

Of course, this teaser network also has minor drawbacks: there are quite a few unique ads, so the same ones are constantly spinning. As a rule, female pay sites advertise there.

Alternative Lady cash can become Women click , but hardly the last to bring you at least half of the income.

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