How Much Is Tom Sikura Worth – Know His Worth Before It’s Too Late!

Tom Sikura was recently promoted to president of AIM Global, the largest direct marketing company in the United States. AIM Global, along with its American subsidiary, ACM, is responsible for the lucrative “American Express” card and membership card programs. What does such a promotion translate into to a potential salary bump? The answer is simple-a lot! This article will give you a breakdown of exactly how much is Tom Sikura worth to AIM Global.

In order to be an effective sales and marketer, one must possess the skills to pick up on the hot trends in the particular niche they are in. Tom Sikura has most definitely made a name for himself by jumping on the latest trends and selling products that are currently popular in the market. As such, one can safely say that Tom is effective sales and marketer. And, one who can make a lot of money.

Most AIM reps start off their careers as sales assistants and are elevated only when they make enough sales to become full-time reps. The high turnover rate in the direct marketing industry leads to a lot of people landing their first jobs as a sales assistant. This is how much Tom has gained popularity within the direct marketing industry. With this, Tom has grown from being an unknown face to someone that is being eyed as the next big thing.

Now that Tom has stepped up to the plate as the new CEO of AIM Global, his role and responsibilities will be expanded as he takes over the reigns of the biggest spot at AIM: the president. Advisors and CFO are expecting to come out soon as part of restructuring the sales force. But what exactly does a CEO do? He gets to keep his CFO and handles marketing and customer service while making important business decisions. A good boss indeed.

It was a surprise for Tom when AIM Global had to downsize most of its staff in November. Many in the company are happy that they can still keep their jobs with the downsizing. But is Tom really as happy as everyone else? If you ask Tom and his brother Richard, they will both tell you how much Tom is going to miss the opportunity to run his own company and be in charge of his own company’s growth. The two brothers also admit that with the downsizing, there was a downfall in how Tom handled himself and how he handled the AIM clients. Though the downsizing lowered the chance for AIM to make a quick recovery, it didn’t help at all.

What is it going to take for Tom to turn the AIM Global around? How much is Tom going to have to invest in his own marketing business? That is one of the many questions that play themselves in the head of a young man who is so close to his twin brothers. Richard describes his younger brother as, “more talkative than us.” Tom seems to get more excited about things and is used to having big meetings where he discusses his new ventures. It may be that with the marketing business and direct sales that he is involved in, he has become more talkative due to excitement instead of true concern over what might happen to his direct marketing business.

Tom has to realize that if he doesn’t take his marketing business seriously, he will not succeed. It is possible that he is losing money because he is putting so much energy into his direct sales business that he is neglecting his own marketing business. Most of the money that he makes is due to his loyal customers and word of mouth advertising. If he is going to find how much is Tom Sikura worth, his focus needs to be on his direct sales because neglecting it will cost him more than making a profit from it.

Tom has to begin his quest for how much is Tom Sikura worth by setting some goals and then taking action towards them. He can’t just dream about it and expect that things will magically become better. He needs to take action and make sure that his business is profitable. Doing this will allow tom to finally relax and enjoy his twin sons. When he is finally at ease with the knowledge of how much is Tom Sikura worth, he can start to look forward to getting his share of the profits of his successful direct marketing business.



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