Pirate Costume Ideas for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Pirates of the Caribbean is a wonderful source of Halloween costume ideas. The fun, colorful costumes worn by the characters have made this a very popular Halloween holiday. Whether you want to dress as one of the famed Captain Jack Sparrow or any of his crew members, such as Barbossa, Carrigan, or Willy Wonka, there is a pirate costume for you. Find the following costumes:

This pirate costume features a captain’s coat with a wide belt and a sash, typically over pants. It has a very authentic look, even though the coat itself does not look like it was part of the original garment. Instead, it has a blue sleeve and collar that hang down over the pants. The sash can be quickly and easily adjusted to create a much more authentic look.

Fantastic Several Pirate Costumes

This is a fantastic look that combines elements from several other pirate costumes. It starts with a white and blue jumpsuit with blue stripes and patchwork, including some orange spots. Add a parrot headpiece (made from a brown paper lunch bag) and a vest, and you have a terrific looking ensemble. This parrot, called the Red Parrot, is one of the more popular pirate parrots that can be seen at Halloween parties. To complete the outfit, purchase a parrot bottom.

This pirate costume is another example of an ensemble that uses the basic pirate costume ideas. In addition to the jacket, which is blue and striped, this outfit also includes a waistcoat (blue or black) and boot covers. Additional accessories include pistols (to scare the hell out of your enemies), a chain or rope, and the ever important hat. You can dress as a female pirate, referred to as a buccaneer, who has a skirt and top. Or, if you prefer, dress as a male pirate, which is portrayed by Captain Hook.

Outlandish Pirate Costumes

These are some of the more outlandish pirate costumes that are available for Halloween. However, if you’re looking for a costume that’s a little less over the top, there are other options as well. If you don’t want to deal with wearing a real life pirate costume, you could always choose to dress as one of your favorite characters from a horror or fantasy novel. For example, you could dress up as the ghost, ghoul, or devil, and use some Halloween stickers and makeup to make your features look authentic.

When it comes to making an authentic pirate hat, there are two main sources. One is the hat you’ll find in most movies, where the characters wear hats made of feathers. The other kind of hat is called a skullcap. The materials for these hats are easily found at any costume shop. The pirate hat is probably the easiest of the pirate costume tutorials to follow, but there are other items you will need to purchase.

Black Paint

First you will need to buy black paint. You can usually find this at a craft or clothing store. Before you paint your hair, you will also want to buy black eyeliner or mascara to apply to your face. After you put on your pirate costumes, you will need to wear a pair of leather pants and a white shirt. A hat is optional, but it makes the outfit much more complete. You can find at thrift stores where you can find pirate costumes for very cheap.

Pirate Costume Ideas

These are just a few pirate costume ideas for kids, teens, and adults. There are tons of awesome ways to dress up as a pirate, whether you want to go trick-or-treating, parading, or wearing your own hat and sunglasses. Whether you use these tips for dressing up as a pirate, a simple trick-or-treating route, or buy your own pirate costume, you are sure to have a lot of fun during Halloween!

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