Xmondo Color Brand Reviews

Xmondsia Hair color is created by the world famous Xiong family. It was founded by Xiong and Choong Hee. In addition, Xmondo has a long standing tradition of providing women the finest hair styling products available. They are a family owned business that uses the latest technological advancements to give you the best hair styling experience possible. Xmondo is an e-business company that specializes in hair styling and hair care products for men and women, including shampoo and wave sticks.

XMondo Hair Review

This XMondo hair review will take a more in depth look at this brand and all its products, including customer feedback, testimonials, promotions, overall sales, and more. One reason why we feel compelled to write this review is because Xmondo has been around for a long time. When it first launched, they were offering basic hair care products like conditioners and shampoos. Now, they offer more specialized hair styling options like gels and oils. Their shampoos fall into three basic categories, everyday use, daily maintenance, and touch-up.

Offer Two Different Use of Xmondo

Everyday Use-Xmondo offers two different everyday use brands; a normal moisturizing conditioner and a texturizing deep conditioner. Each contains Xmondo’s advanced emulsifying wax and our new hydraglow ingredient. The hydraglow reacts to any hair shaft temperature, locking it in and adding body and volume. For dry hair, it also adds shine.

1. Daily Maintenance

Daily Maintenance-The first category is for dry hair. It features an array of moisturizers and leave-in conditioners. The moisturizers are free of petroleum, sulfates, and paraffin. All of the xmondo ingredients work together to add strength, shine, and body while protecting your hair from the elements (sun, wind, cold). This is an essential formula for anyone with damaged or thinning hair.

2. Touch UP

Touch Up-For those who are tired of the treatment that their hair has taken from the outside, we offer the touch up range for xmondo. They offer daily moisturizers, a touch up gel for when the weather changes, and a deep conditioning mask. All of these are great additions for anyone who loves their hair, but is tired of all the abuse it takes from the elements. The vegan shampoos used in this range do not contain any animal products, and the xmondo conditioner and deep moisturizer contains argan oil.

3. Specialized Products

Specialized Products Our third category is specialized. These are the products which only work on certain types of hair or conditions. For example, our deep conditioner works well with fine hair, while our nourishing masque is ideal for extra shiny, textured, or damaged hair. Our anti-frizz cream and pomade are best for lifeless, greasy hair, while our nourishing mousse is amazing for keeping your hair hydrated. Xmondo has a wide variety of products that fall into this category, and we’ve reviewed all of them here.

Free Shipping & Afterpay

Free Shipping & Afterpay All products offered by xmondo come with free shipping, so you know you won’t be spending any additional money for your products. In addition to free shipping, xmondo provides its customers with after pay. This is equal to fifteen percent of your entire purchase price after your shipping and handling are applied. This means that you can treat yourself every month without having to pay for it, making hair care products like xmondo even more valuable to consumers. If you’re tired of paying tons of money for your hair care products, then take advantage of this amazing offer.

Xmondo Eyeshadow

Xmondo Eyeshadow The colors available from xmondo are fantastic. They’re all based on the melanin concentration found in real human eyes, so they offer a true natural look that goes beyond traditional hair coloring methods. This allows them to be used on all hair types, and they’re incredibly long lasting, which means you’ll never need to replace your shades. If you use the standard formula, you should expect to get about fourteen to sixteen hours of use out of the xmondo Eyeshadow; however, if you use the palette, which includes a shimmery palette that comes with three different shadows, you should expect to get between twenty to thirty eight hours of use. Either way, both formulations are impressive and should definitely be taken advantage of when trying to create the look you want.

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