Where DC’s Stargirl Is Heading

DC’s Stargirl has been enchanting the public since its premeire. Thanks to the tremendous success of the first season, the CW agreed to begin production of a second season, which premiered on August 10th, 2021. Brec Bassinger reprised her role as Stargirl, and all members of the Justice Society of America (JSA) returned with the same actors and actresses.

A Grimmer Season

Most of the evil Injustice Society of America (ISA) was destroyed by the end of the first season, but creator Geoff Johns warned that the second season would be packed with supervillains and bad occurrences. Critics and audiences have noted the dark turn the second season has already taken. On top of this, the character depth has intensified. Stargirl remains optimistic as she takes on new challenges, but she becomes more in touch with her insecurities, such as the acceptance that she isn’t actually Starman’s daughter. Yolanda’s role as Wildcat II becomes more pivotal in the second season, given that the character’s killing of Brainwave is weighing heavily on her conscience as she develops post-traumatic stress disorder.

Injustice Unlimited

As Stargirl’s double life begins to catch up with her and get her into trouble at school, the line between her two lives becomes thinner. Stargirl’s school rival, Cindy Burman, delves deeper into her Shiv persona and gets a hold of the Black Diamond, through which she uses Eclipso’s powers to enchant people. After seeing photos of the ISA’s children, Shiv goes out to recruit them so she can form a successor to the ISA: Injustice Unlimited. Shiv is successful in bringing in Isaac (the Fiddler’s son) and Artemis (Sportsmaster’s daughter), but she fails to bring in Cameron (Jordan Mahkent’s son). Mike Dugan is the last recruit Shiv has on her mind, and she plans to use Eclipso’s deceptive abilities to draw him in. Eventually, Shiv kidnaps Mike and uses him as bait to provoke Stargirl.


While the the first season of DC’s Stargirl consisted of young and naïve optimists fighting against corrupt elder statesmen, the second season’s premise is good teenagers fighting evil teenagers. However, while the JSA members have sharpened their skills and team ethic, the Injustice Unlimited members appear to be disorganized and distrustful of each other. As the second season progresses, it becomes increasingly apparent that the real menace is Eclipso, since he’s the main reason Shiv is accomplishing her goals. While Dr. Mid-Nite II rescues Mike, Stargirl accidentally shatters the Black Diamond with her staff, freeing Eclipso. Eclipso entraps Shiv in a shard and consumes Isaac. Eclipso also destroys the Cosmic Staff before fleeing the scene, leaving Stargirl more vulnerable than before. As the newly freed villain runs wild, Stargirl collaborates with Shade to learn more about him.

More To Come

While the first season of DC’s Stargirl mostly followed a steady battle between the JSA and the ISA, the second season has been wrought with plot twists and self-discovery among the characters. Eclipso is proving to be a powerful force the JSA must reckon with, and only time will tell how Stargirl and her friends can stop his destruction.

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