The Big Hats Are Back in Vogue – The Popular Wide Brim Hats for Style Conscious Men

The Big Hats Are Back in Vogue – The Popular Wide Brim Hats for Style Conscious Men

Try and think of the wide-brimmed hats! The chances are that you will think that it’s to be worn by women. And in most cases, you are correct. In fact, you will find women resorting to them for the most part during fall or the summer season.

But there’s more to a wide brim hat than being a famous hat style for women. Today, men can sport is as well and up their individual hat game. So, what does the wide brim hat look like mostly? Usually, it comes with a brim which is 3 inches and sometimes more. It’s a hat that you can count on during the summer season when you have to secure your neck, ears, eyes, and face from the blazing heat of the sun. In fact, some wide brim hats are perfect for shielding you from snow, rain, and other elements.

Other than the practical uses, these hats also allow you to flaunt your style. It demands complete attention when you want to dress down or up. So, in this article, we will talk about some of the popular varieties of men’s hat that comes with a wide brim. It will enable men to know more about these hats and make their selection accordingly.

The different men’s hat styles with a wide brim

It is essential for men to know and learn about the best points of the wide-brim hats so that they can buy one or more for themselves. The following options are the ones that men can opt-in for.

  1. Fedora hat

The fedora is an iconic men’s hat other than the baseball cap. It’s a fashion accessory that has fascinated men and women for a long time. The hat comes with a dented crown, pliable brim along with side pinches. The hat can be worn for many occasions and complements various face shapes. But some people have a misconception about this hat owing to the trilby hat.

The fedora that come with a short brim and famous. However, the wide-brim fedoras are attractive and come with a fine finish, giving you a style edge. Even though this hat was initially made out of felt, wool or fur, today you also have the straw, leather, cotton fedoras, and synthetic versions.

  1. Safari hat

If you look at the safari hat, you will find a similar style and shape akin to the fedora hat. However, the safari hats come with a wide-brim and are versatile which is available in a wide range of material from cotton, straw, canvas to wool felt. The safari hat gets noticed for its wide brim, which slopes downward and comes with a high to medium crown with a crease at the center. Today, there are several brands that have come up with the best safari hats that are well suited for the cool weather. It usually gets made using wool felt, which adds to the appeal of the hat and adds to the overall persona of a style-conscious man.

  1. The cowboy hat

This hat is often termed as the western hat! When you look at the cowboy hat it brings up an image of the ancient John Wayne movies and happens to be an eternal topper which has travelled from the rustic and dusty Wild West saloons to the modern-day asphalt jungles all over the country.

You can opt-in for this western hat along with your casual outfit. The hat comes with a tall crown which gets made using wool felt and straw. The cowboy hat has a wide brim that gets rolled to the edges, providing a unique cowboy look. Some of the branded cowboy hats gets made of 100% wool and when worn can prove to be a complete show stopper.

  1. The outback hat

If you look at this hat you will realize that it has a rugged and polished look at the time. The outback hats for men are also known as the Aussie hats that get recognized by the teardrop crown shape, a wide brim, and a short profile compared to the safari hats. The brim gets turned merely on its sides, akin to the western hat.

If you wish to rock this look, you can check out the popular brands. That have come up with attractive hat variants. The popular brands use the best fabric to design this hat, which comprises a wide brim of three inches and a sleek leather band that will look simple and clean. If you want you can wear this hat for a formal as well as a casual occasion.

Men love to appear stylish and fashionable in their own way. They choose their accessories devoting time. Hence, when it comes to the best wide brim hats. The options listed above can enable men to sport their best look and also stay secured from the elements.




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