Why you should use flags on your signposts

Why you should use flags on your signposts

Let’s face it; custom flags are the most reliable way to direct players around your city. They are relative lightweight, relatively quick & efficient to set up over time, and they look really nice.

In contrast, custom road/highway paths are large constructions that can require a lot of space to get right & a lot of resources. However custom path flags have the advantage that players & visitors alike will be able to appreciate them more easily from a distance compared to custom signs which you might not even notice if they’re cluttered with other signage or building details.

So why should you use custom signs instead of custom flags? As attractive as custom signs may be for some builds, they do have drawbacks: They don’t tell much about where a player is going until he gets there, which makes it harder for new arrivals in your city to find their way around without memorizing landmarks or using custom signs for directions (which will quickly clutter your custom signage system, making it fail its primary job to keep custom signage clear & readable).

Custom flags are the best choice because they’re lightweight and versatile. You can use them like custom signs to direct players around your city but you can also use custom flags as building details (such as billboards) since they don’t take up any space on other objects. Also unlike custom signs, custom flags automatically rotate along with their pole so there’s no need to set rotation values every time you place them.

Tutorial: Custom flag poles

Step 1: Building the base

Start by placing one wall at least 32 studs long right in front of where you want the first flagpole.

Step 2: Adding detail

Add 4 more walls (with the flag pattern) to create the custom flagpole.

Set all custom flag poles to 1m above ground level (using strg +.).

Strg + click on one of the custom flag pole bricks and select “Prop Options…” then enter a custom rotation value of 0 degrees (to make sure custom flags attach properly later on). Choose an angle you like, but keep in mind that players will be able to see your custom signs only if they are facing towards the road/highway you want them to follow. For example if you use 45 degrees as your custom rotation value, make sure that your custom sign is placed at an orientation where it points directly towards the custom flagpole so that players on the custom flagpole’s side of the road will be able to read it while players on the other side won’t.

Step 3: Adding custom flags

Add custom flags and set their rotation values to 180 degrees (again using strg +.). Like custom sign poles, custom flag poles will rotate along with custom flags attached to them if they’re at least 2 studs long. However this is not a requirement – you can add custom flags even on custom flag poles that are only 1 brick tall if you like. If you do make sure to use an angle like the one shown above though (otherwise your custom signs might appear upside-down or sideways depending on how far away from each other they are).

Step 4: Custom flag pole rotation rules

If custom flags are attach at least 2 custom flag poles tall they will rotate along with their custom flag poles automatically. However usually you want custom flags to be 3-4 studs long so that the custom signs on them are readable from a distance. So here are some basic rules to keep in mind when working out your custom rotation values for custom flag poles & custom flags:

Custom Flag Pole Rotation = 0 Degrees (no custom sign) – This is normally how you would set up all of your custom flag poles, though depending on what kind of details you’re adding this might not always be the case of course.


Custom flag poles are an essential custom building detail that can be used for custom signage, custom flags & billboards. They save you time because you don’t need to spend time placing custom signs all over the place and they automatically rotate with their custom flags so there’s no need to set rotation values every time you place them.

They also help your players stay on the right path without confusing them by pointing out too many options.

Custom signs aren’t very visible unless mounted on custom flag poles which is why custom flag poles balance custom sign usage perfectly – they allow new arrivals to easily find their way around your city while also not overshadowing custom signs or making them appear cluttered & unreadable.


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