6 Benefits of Using Formatubes for Construction Projects

A formatube, also known as a sonotube in the US, follows a cardboard structure designed to help builders and constructors. This tool helps the constructors pour concrete efficiently to form concrete columns above or below the ground level. 

It also creates a space for collapsible soil in the ground cost-effectively. Using formatubes demands minimal bracing to stay upright. 

There are many advantages of using a formatube while constructing concrete structures. A few of these examples are mentioned below.

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  • Efficient Mixing

As a constructor, you must be aware of the importance of adequately mixing sand and cement to create a steady structure.

The formatubes are designed to stand upright with minimal support. It can allow the constructors to mix sand and cement effectively. A steady structure is ideal for mixing better quality concrete for their construction projects. Formatubes are the best choice, especially for commercial projects.

  • Environment Friendly 

The climate crisis is at its peak, and everyone needs to make all their endeavors environment-friendly. That is why formatubes are the best tool for environment-conscious constructors.

Using a formatube for a construction project means that less cement will be used will erecting any structure. This practice leads to less carbon dioxide emissions. If all the constructors use formatubes in their construction projects, air pollution can be reduced worldwide.

  • Productivity

The essential key to a smooth and timely construction project is ensuring productivity. No, that does not only imply to your construction team. Your products must be as productive as your team for the best outcomes.

Formatubes can increase the productivity of your workers as the tubes can be filled quickly to construct strong pillars. 

Contrary to traditional construction methods, formatubes can work regardless of weather conditions to save time and money.

  • Cost-effective

Every construction project has a budget, and it’s up to the contractors to provide the best services within the agreed budget while keeping the client and their team happy. That is why constructors worldwide love using formatubes.

As discussed, formatubes save cost and time. They do not require much time for the construction of solid columns. This leads to reduced man-hours and hence saves you from additional costs. 

  • Increased Stability

As a constructor, it is highly crucial for you to maintain a good reputation in the competitive market. Whether it’s sheet metal fabrication or robust floor plans, you must provide integrity to the clients to keep them satisfied for years.

That is why formatubes are being used by constructors to maintain structural integrity. These tubes are cast into the concrete creating one of the most substantial columns. Strong columns lead to strong structures to stand the test of time.

  • Time Efficient

Time is money, and constructors know this fact better than anyone else. In addition to integrity, efficiency is another essential factor in flawless construction projects. It is crucial to provide the best services within the predetermined time limit.

Unlike traditional construction methods, formatubes do not need the cement to be dried before fabrication.

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