What Is A Hyperbaric Chamber In London Good For? An Overview

What Is A Hyperbaric Chamber In London Good For? An Overview

Heard the word ‘hyperbaric chamber’ for the first time when the doctor recommended it to you? You might be having tons of questions related to the chambers and the therapy, what else would have brought you here, right?  In that case, this post is going to be really useful for you. We are here to discuss the chamber and its benefits. This will answer the question ‘of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is really useful for you. Keep reading to get an overview of the hyperbaric chamber in London.

Working of mono place and multi-place hyperbaric oxygen chamber

First understand the working of the chambers. There are two types of HBOT chambers. The difference is mentioned below.

Mono place HBOT

The common method of hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves a patient lying inside a tube-like chamber and receiving the treatment. These tubes or chambers are made up of clear acrylic that allows the person to see outside while receiving the treatment. Basically, the clarity of the tube helps eliminate the potential anxiety of the patient else the patient might feel like being trapped inside the tube. So, a person is made to lay down in the clear chamber and just breathe the air inside the chamber. The air pressure inside the chamber is increased gradually, the air present inside consists of 100 per cent of oxygen. So, what the patient is breathing in is the purest form of oxygen that one can get. Pure oxygen eventually helps in healing.

Multiplace HBOT

Now that was the process of mono place hyperbaric chamber. There is another type of hyperbaric chamber in London as well, that involves giving therapy to two or more people at once. We are talking about multiplace hyperbaric oxygen chambers. In this mode of treatment, 2 or more people are present in the chamber. Pure oxygen is then release into the chamber. The patients are supposed to breathe it through the lightweight clear hoods placed over their heads. In this version, a person can either sit in a lounge chair or lay down as per their preference as there is no tube or chamber in this version of therapy.

Time taken

You might want to know how long a single session takes and how long you would have to stay in the chamber. Each session of hyperbaric oxygen therapy takes about two hours. The number of sessions require by a patient is recommend by the doctor depending upon the condition of the ailment for which HBOT is being use. For instance, if you are seeking treatment for carbon dioxide poisoning, you might be prescribe about 20 to 40 sessions. The time span can alter depending upon the other conditions that are being cover.

Diseases cured by HBOT

Now, let’s read about the ailment that HBOT can cure.

Air bubbles or arterial gas in the blood vessels

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Long term non-healing wounds like diabetic wounds

Brain abscess

Crushing injury

Severe anemia


Skink fraps or grafts

Gas gangrene

Decompression sickness


Hope this piece of information gives you an overview of HBOT chambers.

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