How to Plan a Stress-Free Trip to Italy

Italy is mesmerizingly beautiful. That said, if you have decided to explore Italy this summer, there is a great chance that you might be looking up the best spots in Italy online and daydreaming about the stunning blue backdrop of the sea, ancient cities, and delicious wines.

However, while there is nothing wrong with daydreaming about your dream destination, you will want to ensure that your holiday trip is the least stressful by pre-planning everything mindfully. Apart from booking transportation, you will want to find a prepaid SIM card to stay connected with your loved ones while chilling in Italy.

Here is what you will want to do for a stress-free trip to Italy.

Assess All Requirements for the Visa

Different origin countries require different visa requirements. If you are traveling from an adjacent country, there is a great chance that you wouldn’t need a visa to visit Italy for up to three months for tourism purposes and enjoyment.

This aspect is valid for the majority who are traveling to Italy from a different European country, the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada. Italy is obviously part of the Schengen Zone, which means that anyone who needs a Schengen Visa for Europe will need one for Italy too.

Make Necessary Bookings

To make your trip official, you will want to start making bookings, which means that you will be booking the flight tickets and the online shuttle reservations to save time and effort. You will also want to make reservations at the best hotel or Airbnb possible.

If you want to visit multiple places in Italy, we recommend opting for flexible flight options and keeping your eyes open for the best potential flight process. Before making bookings, you will want to assess the process of flying to Milan, Venice, and Rome for intercontinental flights.

Assess Your Options for Itinerary

You might have decided on Italy this summer, but you will also assess your Italy itinerary to see where exactly you will be going and which places you will be exploring. Believe us – this is one of the most stressful yet fun aspects of planning a trip to Italy or anywhere.

That said, if you are looking forward to having the ultimate classic experience of this beautiful country, you will want to plan to visit a combination of classic places, including Rome, Cinque Terre, and Venice.

On the other hand, if you find yourself more interested in being surrounded by beautiful mountain lakes, then you could switch Lake Como with Cinque Terre. If you look forward to capturing some beautiful pictures of the mountains, you will want to include the Dolomites.

If you love the beach and cannot wait to walk barefoot on sand, you will want to add Puglia and Sicily to your list.

When it comes to the itinerary, you cannot miss out on Italian food. And for the best food experience, you will want to impress your taste buds by exploring the amazing food in the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.

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