Different types of Dubai desert safari packages

Different types of Dubai desert safari packages

Are you in Dubai or planning for a trip to this city of gold? If it’s a yes, then allow your tourist soul to capture the real beauty of Dubai through a desert safari.

Desert Safari Dubai is a great and exciting offer that allows you to get a closer look at the culture, thrills, and adventures of Dubai and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. Desert Safari Dubai is a complete entertainment package for all ages with various tourist attractions, in which you can ride a camel, drink traditional Arabic coffee, enjoy charming belly dance, and a Tanura dance. This adventurous journey allows you to capture some breathtaking images of the desert, especially the mesmerizing sunset view in your camera to witness the natural glamor of Dubai for a lifetime.

Desert Safari Packages

Dubai desert safari is usually available in the following packages:

  • Morning desert safari
  • Evening desert safari
  • Overnight desert safari

Morning Desert Safari

It is a perfect choice for tourists who are on a short trip to Dubai and desire to explore the maximum places of this glamorous city. As it starts early in the morning and lasts for approximately four consecutive hours, the tourists have plenty of time to experience the adventurous and thrilling activities and can explore the city side of this marvelous land in the evening and night.

Morning desert safari comprises the following features:

  • It is less crowded and a great deal for the people who feel comfortable to witness the beauty of this adventurous excursion alone without any distraction.
  • On the way to the campsite on a 4×4 luxury vehicle enjoying the thrilling activity of dune bashing is exciting and mesmerizing for all ages.
  • Courageous Camel ride across the natural landscapes of Dubai deserts is a stunning. And full of fun activity to cherish in the morning desert safari.
  • Morning desert safari is highly appealing for sports lovers to surf down the dunes by sandboarding and experience the thrilling ride of quad biking.

Evening Desert Safari

To ensure a comprehensive experience of sensational and mesmerizing excursions of majestic Dubai deserts evening desert safari is the best preference. This exciting trip that began at 2-3 pm and lasts till night offered the following features:

  • It is an economically reasonable package than morning desert safari
  • Evening desert safari is the best opportunity to witness. And capture the heartwarming and breathtaking glamorous beauty of sunset scenery in the golden ocean of sand.
  • Stunning and funny photography during camel ride bestows you countless memories. To cherish this incredible experience for a lifetime.
  • Quad biking is another exciting and thrilling feature of the evening desert safari. To experience the ride like a pro and gliding the dunes.
  • Campsite of evening desert safari exclusively facilitate the tourists to explore. The cultural and traditional values of Arabians and amused them by traditional belly dance.
  • Appetizing barbecue and vegetarian dinner items are a great delight for the tourists in the evening desert safari.

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight desert safari is quite similar to evening desert safari and the best package for families and friends. To steal some memorable moments from their hectic and busy schedule. It starts with sunset, lasts overnight, and ends at the next day’s breakfast. It offers the following services

  • As it starts in the evening it provides a chance to admire the romantic shades of sunset. And peaceful ending of a day.
  • Dune bashing is an exciting activity to do while traveling towards the campsite. For the tourist, it’s worth driving at high speed in the huge dunes and leaving behind dust storms.
  • Camel riding is one of the unique features to explore the elegance of sand oceans in an overnight desert safari.

Furthermore, overnight camping, Live music concerts, amusing traditional dance performances, shisha parties, and delicious dinner banquets are exciting offers that attract tourists to choose overnight desert safari.

Final Thoughts

In all, all these types of desert safari in Dubai vary a great deal, but one thing each one of them promises is unlimited fun, adventure, and excitement. However, bear in mind that your experience depends on the travel company you have selected. So, be very diligent and choose the best trip organizer. Also, select the package that offers the maximum fun and adrenaline rush while being easy on the budget.

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